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When it comes to animal reincarnation, specifically of dogs, there are many different opinions on the subject. Whether it’s tested

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The Best Books About Reincarnation. Several people have asked for information on books about reincarnation. There are many and varied,

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Do not fear Death, life is a game in which we discover the infinite. Reincarnation is a reality. Nothing dies,

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Reincarnation is a concept that has been present in many cultures since antiquity. There are countries, such as India, where

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A new scientific study found that our DNA transmits information of experiences of fear and stress from generation to generation.

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Movies about reincarnation can make us think about this attractive and complex theme that oscillates between the amusing suggestions of

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Maybe it happened to you, at a certain point in life, you met someone you’d never seen before, and you felt

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We know the Ancient Egyptians believed in the release of the soul after the transition to death, but why were

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Can science prove reincarnation? According to two leading scientists, the human brain is, in fact, a ‘biological computer’ and the

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The new Netflix original movie, The Discovery, will be available to subscribers of the platform on March 31, 2017, and the

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