Reincarnation and Soul Mates: How to Recognize a Love from a Past Live?

Maybe it happened to you, at a certain point in life, you met someone you’d never seen before, and you felt something inexplicable, a sense of complicity as if you had known this person for all your life. Maybe you have found a love from a past life. In this article, we will talk about reincarnation and soul mates, and how to recognize a love from previous incarnations.

Reincarnation and Soul Mates

If you have had this feeling, it is possible that you have found a soul mate, someone you know from a past incarnation, an exact combination that will help you develop spiritually in your current life.

But what many people ask is: how to recognize soul mates from past lives? After all, throughout life, we go through many relationships in which we believe we have found the right partner.

How can you recognize soul mates from past lives?

The signs that can reveal if you have really found the love of your life could be emotional, physical and even visual. Here there are some tips that can help you.

The first sign is that this new relationship usually brings a sense of comfort and confidence since relationships with soul mates are usually carried out with fidelity and commitment above all else.

Reincarnation and soul mates
Reincarnation and soul mates

What some people will call love at first sight, that intense sense of intimacy, may be indicating that we have met someone whom we have loved in some past life. An oath made in a past life with sufficient strength can be projected onto the next lives. How? Imagine, for example, that a very in love couple has made the oath that their love lasts forever.

Another sign that can help you recognize a soul mate from a past life is when the couple, despite the difficulties in the relationship, can understand and overcome everyday problems together.

Inexplicable attraction to each other, often feeling a connection that is so strong you can communicate with a simple glance.

Soul mates are old companions of past lives

True love doesn’t just come out of nowhere, it is a feeling built up through innumerable incarnations, an evolutionary process in which, in life, two people help themselves and grow together.

The great force of experiences and marriage, the emotional bonds created between these two souls survive the death of the body and become eternal.

Some psychics can, through their sensitivity, see events in the past and answer their questions on the subject. Physician and psychiatrist Brian Weiss has studied the connection between reincarnation and soul mates and describes this subject throughout many of his books on his experiences with past lives regression therapy.

To have a soul mate means to share many lives, sorrows and joys, triumphs and despair, love and forgiveness, anger and forgiveness and, above all, an infinite growth. A soul mate is usually someone with whom we feel an instant bond in the first encounter as if we had known them for a long time. Actually, this probably is the case. We do not necessarily have to be in a romantic relationship to experience the satisfaction and fullness of the bond with a soul mate.

With the help of regression to past lives, we can recognize and find soul mates. Also, by looking into the soul mate’s eyes we can know who they are. Whether in Heaven or on Earth, a special vibration or energy is perceived. The deepest personality within us is glimpsed, and an inner knowing comes from the heart. A connection occurs. Since the eyes of the heart are the first to see, words alone cannot convey the certainty of soul recognition. There is no doubt or confusion. Although the bodies are possibly very different in past and present lives, the soul is the same and it can be recognized. This recognition is complete and beyond doubt.

Sometimes the recognition of the soul can take place in the mind rather than in the heart. This type of recognition usually occurs with infants or young children showing physical peculiarities or very specific behaviors. They pronounce a word or phrase and it is possible to instantly recognize in them a beloved father, mother or grandfather. They may have a scar or birthmark identical to that of our loved one, or they may hold us by the hand or look at us in the same way. The fact is that we recognize them.

Love from past lives
Love from past lives

In heaven, a place that does not require the physical body, the recognition of the soul can take place through an inner knowledge: a perception of the energy, light or specific vibration of the soul mate. You can feel them with your heart. It is an intuitive and profound wisdom, thus we recognize our loved one in a complete and immediate way. They can even help by displaying the body they had in the last incarnation they shared with us. We see them as they appeared to us on Earth, often with a younger, healthier appearance.

The “Other Half”

There is not a single soul mate for everyone. There is only partial truth in the popular Western idea propagated by the philosopher Plato that each of us has a single perfect half that can “complete” our own incomplete soul. While others seem to complete our experience (sharing and expanding our development, intimacy, and joy) it is more likely to have a group of souls, consisting of many soul mates. This can be a small group and grow larger as we gather deep experiences with more and more souls, over many lives, but the feeling of having known someone before or sharing intense feelings and intuitions with them is not limited to one person. We can have more than one soul mate at the same time. Our partner in love can complete our soul in a certain sense, but they can also do it, in other ways, as a best friend, a father, mother or a son.

We will not always get together with the soul most closely linked to our being. We may decide to marry a soul mate less attached to us than another, some who have something specific that we can learn from them or something we can teach them. We can more easily recognize a soul mate at an advanced age when we have already established family commitments. It may also happen that our father, our mother, a son or a close relative incarnate the soul mate with whom we are most closely united. Or perhaps our strongest relationship is with a soul mate who has not incarnated in the course of our life and who is watching over us from the other side, like a guardian angel.

Soul mates and reincarnation
Soul mates and reincarnation

Sometimes our soul mate is available and eager to find us. He or she may be aware of the passion and attraction that exists between you and them, the intimate and subtleties that indicate that we have been connected in past lives. However, this can prove detrimental. It depends on the evolution of the soul.

If one of the two souls is less developed and more ignorant than the other, then violence, greed, jealousy, hatred, and fear can cloud the relationship. Such feelings are harmful even for the most evolved soul, and even if it is a soul mate. Usually, we fantasize about ideas like “I can change you” or “I can help you grow.” If the other person does not let us help them, if they have decided that they do not want to learn or to evolve, the relationship is doomed to failure. Another opportunity may arise in a future life.

How to find a soul mate

Once you know how to recognize your soul mate, it is time to start looking for that person who can be your ideal partner. How to find your soul mate? The first step is to be prepared for the meeting.

Open up to the idea of this encounter. Accept that your ideal partner exists and is waiting for you. Yes, your soul mate can be waiting for you, maybe is seeking you and has as many desires to be with you, as you to be with them.

One simple way to get ready to meet that special person is by programming your subconscious mind.
And one of the most effective ways to program your subconscious mind is to use powerful subliminal messages.

Finding a past life love
Finding a past life love

As your body drifts into a relaxed Theta state you will feel that the negative memories that have blocked you for a long time start to drift away as if they never happened. These negative emotions can block your ability to find love. Many of the things that have bothered you and isolated you will simply melt away and you will find yourself ready to talk to others. Let yourself feel the good in others as well as in yourself. With these positive new emotions, you will be able to get out and approach people more readily.

After you are ready to find your ideal partner, the next thing you need to do is find them. Remember that person is looking for you. But it is unlikely that they will find you if you spend all your free time at home. Go for a walk, visit a gym, meet friends at a party, go shopping at a mall, etc. And when you do this be sure to look people in the eye.

If you are a person who does not like to do this, because you feel distressed or think you will offend people by looking into their eyes, you may need to raise your self-esteem. Remember that person is looking for you with the same craving you are looking for them. The same thing you feel is what they feel because you have powerful vibrational compatibility.

Finding that soul mate that is waiting for you might be your path to happiness, unity, compatibility, success, peace, personal development, and everything that represents a deep connection with yourself, not only in your current incarnation but in your past and future and lives.

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