The 15 Most Shocking Reincarnation Cases (REAL Stories)

15 Shocking Reincarnation Stories
15 Shocking Reincarnation Stories

These are 15 striking reincarnation cases that arouse curiosity and will make you wonder if this phenomenon really exists. Reincarnation is a type of belief in which a person or animal that has disappeared adopts one or more existing material bodies.

This thought has existed in humanity since ancient times and, to this day, it can be seen mainly reflected in Asian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.

15 Shocking Reincarnation Stories
15 Shocking Reincarnation Stories

Reincarnation Stories

1. Gus Ortega: Reincarnates his Grandfather

With only 18 months, this little boy began to stammer typical words of his grandfather even though he never got to know him. Already older, and knowing absolutely nothing about his life, Gus claimed that his grandfather owned a store that he later sold.

At one point, the boy approached his father and said: “When I was your age, it was my turn to change your diaper.” Also, one afternoon when they were looking at old photos, Gus was able to recognize his grandfather in one of them and say, “Oh, that’s me!”

Currently the case is handled by the renowned Dr. Jim Tucker.

2. Ian Hagerdon: Reincarnates a murdered policeman

This boy, only six years old, claims to be a police officer killed in the line of duty by a gunshot while trying to catch criminals in a store. The funny thing is that this policeman was his grandfather.

Ian, without knowing anything about his relative, also released some phrases such as: “When you were little and it was your father, you made a lot of disasters and I never hit you” when she was about to slap him.

3. Dilukshu Nissanka: Reincarnation of a deceased girl

One of the most controversial cases in memory. The girl, she said over and over again that her parents were not the real ones and that she had died near Dambulla, drowned in a river.

Her story was published in the newspapers and quickly a man named Ranatunga claimed that the story was that of her dead daughter. The two met and the girl seemed to recognize him, in addition to the places where she used to haunt the deceased girl.

Reincarnation Stories
Reincarnation Stories

4. Cameron Macaulay: Reincarnation of a deceased child

This six-year-old boy was passionate about drawing. One day he painted a house very similar to the one on the bay. The boy said it was his old home, where he lived with his old mother.

He did not stop talking about his old life, telling anecdotes in that bay, even at one point he even said that his father was called Shane Robertson.

One day they decided to go to the famous house. When Cameron walked in, he felt sorry that his mother was no longer alive. He hoped to meet her there.

Since then, little Cameron’s parents have no doubts that it is the reincarnation in another life of a member of the Robertson family.

5. James Leininger: Reincarnation of a WWII military man

This is the most documented case of reincarnation. The book Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot clearly details the story of James Lininger, a boy who from a young age showed an incredible obsession with airplanes.

As time went by, he began to have nightmares in which he said: “plane on fire, I can’t get out.” He also spoke of the fact that he was in another life a fighter pilot who died on Iwo Jima, where he was stationed with his friend Jack Larson.

Interestingly, Jack Larson existed and did indeed belong to a squad on Iwo Jima in which only one person died: James M. Huston Jr.

Is this the true identity of the little one? His statements and his accounts seem to be concise…

6. Semih Tustusmus: Reincarnation of a dead husband

This Turkish boy claimed that his real name was Selim Fesli, a man who died 50 years ago in a neighboring house. No doubt this was something his mother missed, since he had dreams of a man who said his name was Selim.

When Tustusmus was four years old, he went to the house where Selim resided to speak with his widow, with whom they recalled details of his past life with complete accuracy.

The case is handled by the renowned Dr. Ian Stevenson.

7. Jeffrey Keene: Reincarnation of a civil war general

When Jeffrey Keene visited the area where the Battle of Antietam took place, the words of General John B. Gordon came to mind during that fight.

His physical resemblance is undeniable, something that was corroborated by the identical birthmarks between the two.

The case is currently being handled by Dr. Walter Semkiw.

8. Lucas: Reincarnation of a dead man in a fire

Curious case of a boy from Cincinnati (United States) in which he remembered a previous life in Chicago. In it, he claimed to be a black woman with hair the same color who died in a fire when she tried to jump out of the window.

The boy seemed to be right, as in 1993 an African-American woman was killed in a Chicago fire while she was trying to jump out of a window. Lucas claimed to be called Pam in the afterlife. In that fire there was a deceased named Pamela.

9. Nazih Al-Danaf: Reincarnation of a Lebanese adult

In this case, Nazih did not say at any time about the exact person in question, but he did begin to give precise information about his old life: he loved whiskey and cigarettes and spoke of a mute and one-armed friend who died of one shot.

The parents, surprised, went to talk to Assad Khaddage, a man the boy used to talk about. After a conversation, he affirmed as true all the data that Nazih provided.

10. Ruprecht Schultz: Reincarnation of an entrepreneur

When a man started a laundry business, he began to have visions and memories about a supposed past life in which he also created a lumber company. He also recalled that he ended up committing suicide after going bankrupt.

Such a life existed, and it was found that Ruprecht was remembering the life of Helmut Kohler, who died by suicide in 1887 after performing operations that resulted in negative results.

11. Shanktar: Reincarnation of a kidnapped and murdered child

As soon as she learned the first words from him, Shanktar began to perform strange behaviors. He claimed to live in an old house. To add more mystery, the little boy showed a kind of scar on his neck since he was born and he talked about how a few months ago he had his throat cut.

The story seemed to fit that of Munna, a boy who six months earlier was kidnapped and slaughtered by his kidnappers.

The story was disproven when Shanktar recognized Munna’s parents.

12. Bahadur Bomjan: Reincarnation of Buddha

This 18-year-old boy amazes by showing the qualities attributed to Buddha. One day he decided to sit and meditate in a hollow tree. As incredible and surreal as he seemed, he spent a total of 10 months without moving at all: he did not eat, he did not drink and he did not move.

The most religious think that it is the reincarnation of Buddha.

13. Jenny Cockell: Reincarnation of a young Irish woman

This woman of British origin could not stop dreaming of the name Mary Sutton. Such was her obsession that she decided to undergo therapy, something that she helped her to know even until the woman’s marriage certificate.

After this, she went to Malahide, a small town near Dublin, where she learned that the woman really existed and died 21 years before she was born.

14. Sai Baba: Reincarnation of various people

At just 13 years old, this boy was already an icon around the world for his incredible affirmations. He said that he was in his second reincarnation and that he was a Muslim fakir who died in 1919 and later came back to life with a different personality.

He also claims to have supernatural powers, something that has not yet been scientifically confirmed, and in my opinion, I can say, that he is a kind of “messiah” of the 21st century.

15. Virginia Thinge: Reincarnation of an Irish woman

In specialized hypnosis sessions, the American girl claimed to be a woman who lived more than 100 years ago. She managed to speak with a perfect Irish accent while giving details of her past life.

She claimed to be called Bridey Murphy, a Cork resident and married to Sean Brian Joseph McCarthy.

This story belongs to the mid-twentieth century, which raised great expectations and got people to begin to be interested in the subject of reincarnation.

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