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Reincarnation Process
Reincarnation Process

Post your reincarnation story below. If you remember your past life and have a story to tell, share it with other people to find out more about who you were.

  1. Hi
    I have spent many lives searching. I have reviewed hundreds of my past lives. To me reincarnation means never dying. I look forward to my next life as I have enjoyed many lives before. I am near death now. My memory reaches to an event where the physical universe came into existence. Several great religions touch on it. The Hindus talk of some great war where lighting bolts were thrown. Christians talk about a time the devil was cast from heaven. Scientology calls it the wall of fire. I have sought others that have similar experience to see and compare notes. I am alone. As most do not understand these things i content myself with trying to master this life. Recently i called into a YouTube program, Truth Wanted. The encounter was not satisfying. As a result I cruised the internet to find some encouragement. Then I found this site. So, I felt a need to commutate with like minded souls. I enjoy reading these comments. Thanks for being there.

  2. My story is about two different children who said interesting things.

    The first one was Mac who was about 18 months old – walking and very precocious. One day when I was visiting he said, l used to be an old man. I asked him what it was like. He said, “I can walk better now.”

    Another time my friends were driving to LA from New Mexico and they had their toddler in the backseat, not even two. Suddenly he said, as they came over a rise to a glorious view of the city at twilight, “I helped god make the world.” His mom asked him what it was like. He said, there were a lot of ladders.“ Unfortunately she didn’t recall what else he said. At the time she told me the story he was 20 and an extremely interesting person.

  3. I have more than one reincarnation story to tell. In my youth, I wanted to try regression, to see if it would help past lives surface. I had already experienced a traumatic flashback to what appeared to be a very real past life; during a meditation session using a mirror. I got the impression that regression would help heal the emotional difficulties I had been dealing with since I was a small boy. But the therapist turned out to be wacky and weird and I did not pursue regression any further.
    I went to university a little late. At university I chose to spend time in Spain. I went to Madrid later, to live. Once there, I was struck by very intense deja-vu experiences. It was the case that I remembered those old streets and city squares. The very feel of the place, the sun-dappled trees, and the old churches, and golden-tawny buildings struck a chord in me. Suddenly, I would see images of an earlier 19th century Madrid, superimposed on the early 21st century. I remember coming out of the Plaza Mayor square, and seeing a building crowded with desperately poor people, wooden shutters and no glass in the windows, and very cold. I went to one of the oldest streets, and what I realised I had stayed at an inn there. I realised I had stepped out of a doorway that no longer exists. There was an inn (in 2002) which had been there since the 17th century. From what I remember, I was an Englishman who had gone to Madrid to do business, trading in wines and spirits, I think. I had seen it as an adventure, and had travelled right across Spain, but spent a lot of time in Madrid. It seems I did okay, business-wise, and went back to Spain more than once. In my current life, I chose Spanish and French as my major. I made many friends in Madrid. Socially, it was an amazing place.
    I just wanted to point out that I hadn’t been consciously aware of any of this when choosing Spanish as my major.

  4. I don’t remember too much from a past life, but I have always felt like I know more of the universe than others. I’ve always felt that I was smarter than some adults, especially my teachers in elementary school.

    The main thing that I can remember from a past life is a few moments from a car accident. The steering wheel and dashboard is black. I have only a lap belt on. I can feel myself getting thrown forward and I see something white coming through the windshield as it shatters.

    I am absolutely terrified of driving, especially when there is oncoming traffic, but in this life I haven’t been even close to getting into an accident. I think that I may have died in that car accident I remember, and that is why I’m so terrified. Any thoughts?

  5. Question 14. Do animals have souls? Do they also reincarnate? is being answered form my conscious authentic experience.
    I am not much, to touching animals not fascination to domesticate them. As per Hindu upbringing i believe they are part of creation. In my St. Miras College,Pune, India, during regular Sanctuary Rev. Dada JP Vaswani always drove home through his morning address and I learn that birds and beasts all vegetation are to be revered for we are associated with them as kith and kin.
    The mythological Damodar avataar too proves humans can reincarnate as trees. This deeply embedded idea was always lingering in my mind, snakes, cows, for that matter most of the animals/ creatures are worshiped, associated with some God or Goddess. I was commuting in a noon local train in an exclusive ladies’ compartment as usual, from Pune. Lo! to my amazement a family who was returning from abroad had occupied a 2 full seats with luggage . There were children too.The three girls were well dressed all within the age of say ten. They were given sandwiches. Two of the girls were eating as normally but a very cute girl in the corner window seat had watery eyes, jaws like dog, palms and feet were mere paws. She was dropping bits while eating, the other girls promptly ate those away. This is authentic and true.
    A few years before I met a lady in the Sassoon Hospital. We struck into conversation and she invited me home. Though I generally assure but never make it, I accompanied her to her residence. She has come from her in laws to mother’s place to visit them. I sat in the drawing room. Heard loud barks from other room. Thought they were pets. I peeped to see this lady host was caressing the two who were dressed in boys’ clothes. The were holding round her neck with two hand like legs, standing on other two. She was kissing them in turns. Their mother tried to quieten the two barking brothers but they were reluctant to be calm. She had the bamboo beside probably always , beat them hard to quieten. The cooked rice in the plate served was half eaten. That day I was speechless but didn’t discuss any thing with her. Yet she fondly referred to them as brothers. They seemed out grown for their age. I recalled the discourse by Rev. Dadaji, JP Vaswani, this incident has proved and pacified my curiosity about Do animals have souls? It is cent percent true, without an iota of doubt. Do they also reincarnate? I wish to explore more and do a deep study of my experiences in my domestic life too. If only I could get the right guide.

  6. There is a long time gap between the day we die and the day we get reborn. Just guess what the souls may be doing all along during this time?

    We know souls depart when we die and there is often lot of time gap between the time of their departure after our death and the time of their getting reincarnated.
    We also know that sometimes this time gap is pretty too long – even as long as seven years or eleven years as had happened in the case of, say, UK lady Jenny Cockell described at this site.

    This leaves us guessing what the souls may be doing during such a long intervening idle time which is just akin to what we may as well call the period of hibernation of the souls.

    Surely they must not be sitting idle all along. Just think what they may be doing during the intervening time.
    I guess they may be just gossiping among themselves about some of their favourite topics. I have often wondered what could be their favourite topics and have finally thought, “What the future could look like” may be one of their most favourite topics of gossiping and when I tell you what made me think so, you would also most probably agree with me since it is not merely a brain wave.


    Just think how people like Baba Vanga or Nostradamus should have been able to think about the things that were going to happen in the world in the future?
    They were no astrologers. They were no mathematicians. They knew nothing about astrology or mathematics. So they must have never been calculating about the things that could happen within next few decades or next few centuries, isn’t?
    May be they had trained themselves to simply tune themselves to listen to some things only they could have listened.
    I remember that in year 1953 or so when I was still a student of ninth class my father had brought home a Philco radio which showed the bands of even London, Moscow, New York, Washingtion, Tokyo and many other radio stations of the world and when everybody else would go to sleep I would just start tuning all such stations and quite often I was able to listen to even the wireless conversations of some people over the radio.
    I have often wondered what the souls may be doing when they should be hibernating. Surely they may not be sitting idle.
    You would be wondering I finally realized what they must be doing and how they may be passing their time.
    This led me to assume that when the souls must be gossiping among themselves about what the future was going to look like their mutual gossips may also be getting relayed over some channels akin to the radio channels or the type of the wireless conversations I used to listen over my radio, such people may have learnt the technique of tuning themselves to listen such talks of the souls.
    According to me just like us, souls also spend lot of their time only imagining about the type of things that may happen in future and their of thoughts also get relayed over some thought- channels much, the same way, as we transmit TV programmes over TV Channels.
    When we piece together what the souls may be doing in their spare time and how people like Baba Vanga or Nostradamus s may be telling things such as the forty fourth President of the US could have been a man of African origin, we can come to such a conclusion as I should have come.

  7. As you read my story, beliefs, and experiences, please bear with me. I am not making this up or telling a fictional story, but simply trying to reconstruct and figure out details of my former life in ancient Egypt. If there are inconsistencies, chances are I already know and I am trying to figure out what they mean. Thank you and enjoy 🙂
    Perhaps it is most appropriate to begin by explaining how my fascination with ancient Egypt took root. My 7th grade social studies class began the ancient Egypt unit right after we got back from winter break, around Jan. 4th 2016. The first thing the class did was a geography worksheet. The class had to label a map, coloring in the fertile land, or kemet, in one color and the uninhabitable land, the deshret in another color. From the start I had loved ancient Egypt and all the activities involved, but the true excitement came about a week later.
    My teacher put on a move-style documentary about the construction of the Great Pyramid, and it followed the life of the typical pyramid-builder: his journey, aspirations, etc. After the first several minutes or so, the pharaoh Khufu was shown. At that moment I was struck with a weird felling—was it awe?—that I had never felt before. He truly looked like the god he claimed to be. I watched, open-mouthed, as Khufu was carried on his golden throne by his entourage of servants, with his bronze skin catching the setting sun and his kohl/eyeliner forming the perfect shape of the eye of Horus. His queens, sons, and daughters looked just as fantastic. When I looked around the classroom, all the students were bored, looking half-asleep. How was that possible? Didn’t they know what they were looking at?
    The following week the class was assigned to do a project on a randomly assigned pharaoh. When I grabbed the name out of the basket, I sadly admit I was a little disappointed at my result: Tutankhamun, the biggest cliché of ancient Egypt yet.
    When I started research, I learned that there was actually much more to know than his world-renowned mummy mask and tomb. During the time of I worked on the project, I watched many movies taking place in ancient Egypt. One of these movies was “Exodus: Gods and Kings”. Of course, the pharaoh starred was Ramesses II. He had a feisty and confident personality, so it was a perfect fit, right? No. I was so angry that people throughout history have decided to make fun of the greatest pharaoh of all time; he doesn’t deserve this after all he’s done. That was exactly what I was thinking as I watched the movie, and I do admit I still have those thoughts today. But I was researching Tutankhamun, not Ramesses II. We only started our Egypt unit, and we didn’t even study him in particular, yet I was defending him. This “defending” continued throughout the presentations soon after and I cringed and made faces whenever “exodus” was mentioned.
    For me, my presentation went particularly well, and I had the nagging impulse in me to continue. Within three months, I exhausted both of my libraries’ nonfiction books about ancient Egypt.
    I had always loved the visits to my local Children’s Museum because of National Geographic ® exhibit featuring the replicated tomb and mummy of the pharaoh Seti I, but my 7th grade experience taught me that I was allowed to take off and study on my own, so of course I didn’t hesitate to do so.
    Let me say when studying ancient Egypt I had always been particularly drawn to Ramesses II. His boldness, confidence, and enthusiasm that once inspired the Egyptians at his time came to inspire my heart. Yes, I fell in love with him. I thought I was crazy. He’s dead! Nevertheless, I have dedicated my specialty to his reign and I have never regretted it.
    Through studying Ramesses II I became attracted (not sexually) to Nefertari, his favorite wife. Even before I came to really like her I had strong emotions whenever I saw her statues and read about her, unexplainable feelings of grief, sadness, and jealousy. Why?
    On one of my Google searches on her, I came across images from her tomb, not the murals, but pictures of the structure itself, and I remembered something from when I was younger. When I was around seven years old, I was at my public library in the children’s fiction, and on the table I saw a book. It was a children’s historical fiction book, Nancy Drew perhaps, and on the cover was the same image of the tomb of Nefertari that was to be on my computer six years later. The seven-year-old me stopped walking and glanced at it. I remember exactly what I was feeling as if it just happened, and what I felt was deja-vu. The young me recognized it, I had seen it before, but where and when? The thirteen-year-old me was ecstatic. Before I had read the reincarnation story of Dorothy Eady, but was this actually happening to me? Soon I Googled more images of Nefertari’s beautiful tomb and I was able to reconstruct her entire tomb in my head. Now every time I walk down stairs I see myself at the entrance to the tomb of Nefertari, walking down to view the beautiful gift from Ramesses. But wait, there’s more.
    I remembered I had another deja-vu, and this time it was in 6th grade, when I was eleven. I completed a day-long workshop program exploring STEM (science, tech., engineering, math) at some random school, and to get back from the theatre where one of the workshops was held, there was a hallway. Immediately I had the deja-vu feeling in that hallway. Later I realized that hallway was structured very similar to the entryway of the Abydos temple built by Seti I, Ramesses II’s predecessor and father. I discovered that Ramesses spent a lot of his time there, and it’s not a surprise that Nefertari did too.
    Later, I had a series of dreams that were far apart:
    1. Mid-2016: I was in my bedroom, and it looked the way it was before it was remolded. I was sitting on my bed, but my conscience was sitting on a stool directly across the bed. Me-on-the-stool was looking at me-on-the-bed, and across from me-on-the-bed was a man. He wore the white linen clothing so stereotyped to ancient Egypt, and his head was completely shaven (and shiny), again a stereotype of ancient Egypt. He was surprisingly calm and soothing. We had a short conversation, and it started by me asking, “Am I…?”, and he responding by nodding and saying in him relaxing voice, “Yes, you are Nefertari.” I nodded my head as if I knew, but if this man, who I named Sennefer (“good brother”) verified, then I had the support of the dead.
    2. Mid-to-late-2016: What struck me as odd was the next two dreams were only a day apart, as opposed to the norm of about three months. The second and the third dream Sennefer was there again, and I started to think he was my advisor or guardian or something of the sort, but later on there seemed to be another. Anyway, in the second dream, Sennefer and I were sitting across from each other in wooden chairs in what looked like the library in the Cairo Museum (where Ramesses’s body lives, I think), and he grabbed both of my hands, and looked into my eyes. His were light brown. He then said to me, “You can tell me anything you want.” Earlier I had some difficulty with my identity and I was very confused with the whole reincarnation concept, like which Nefertari I was. Even though I like Ramesses II, there are plenty more Nefertaris, aren’t there? (this matter was settled). The third dream was the next day, as I had said before, and I was looking at in artifact in the same museum and taking notes in a notebook (modern) and Sennefer was watching me. None of us said anything.
    3. Early 2017: Ramesses II kissed me. No words were said.
    4. Early-mid 2017 (March, April): Ramesses crossed the fence in my backyard, and then later he in the middle/open part of my house, just looking at me. No words were said.
    5. April 2017-I was standing in the school lunch line, and I was about to type my school lunch code into a keypad, when a man gestured something, and he told me to follow him. We sat down at a table, and I gave him a questioning look. He responded, “Yes, you are Nefertari” much faster and impatient as if he was tired of my need for reassurance and affirmation. Then I asked something like this, “when will I get to meet Ramesses?”. Remember that we never spoke. I am starting to think that 3-4 were fake images of him. “Not soon,” he said. I freaked out and said in a panic, “He doesn’t love me?!”. Sennefer shook his head and attempted to calm me, and he said, “No, he loves you very much. But you (guys) aren’t ready.” Even though I was happy to have input, I was very disappointed. Ramesses loving me doesn’t mean he’s in love with me.
    6. May 2017: It was nighttime, and I was sitting on my (newer) bed. I saw a white figure, and I realized it was a ghost. Immediately I scrambled to the inside of my bed and covered by head with my pillow. But the ghost went up to me and said, “Shhh, don’t be afraid.” I looked up to see the Hathor, the Egyptian goddess of love. “I’ll always protect you,” she continued. Was that really a dream or did that actually happen, when I was too exhausted to realize I was awake?
    7. 6/16/2017: I was at school, and we had to do a contest in the gymnasium of who could collect the most necklaces. I grabbed a lot, but I lost. Then a woman came up to me and said something like, “Great job. I’m proud of you.” I responded by saying how I lost and stuff, by she insisted that I done fine. We walked outside and soon were on horses. We rode up to a hill, and we dismounted where there were more horses. She walked further up the hill, while I stayed where I was. On the ground there was cow poop. Cow. A cow is the animal personification of Hathor. I thought to myself, “I should ask her what Ramesses is like.” Where did that come from? I thought that she was Ramesses’s sister or a priestess of Hathor.
    This is pretty much all I know so far, but I am interested in learning more; I think this actually has merit to it. Any advice on how to remember better? All is appreciated.

  8. Some time ago I dreamed that I was a soldier in World War II. The dream was very, very clear, more than ten years have passed and I can perfectly remember that man of my dream who was me. Is this a reminder of a previous life?
    Long ago I wanted to undergo a hypnotic regression, but I’m scared.

  9. Who was I in my past life?

    I was a weak and trampled girl that the others damaged, someone without enough strength to say “enough,” someone who suffered, someone undervalued.

    Nobody took me into account, they bothered me and they hurt me. That caused me to cut myself, to self-injure myself to heal the pain.

    They told me things that I was beginning to believe.

    Many times I try to commit suicide, it hurts me, but I understood that I should not do it, they who criticized me, insulted me, mistreated.

    They were not everything.

    There were more people willing to help me, to love me and I realized that emotional damage is not repaired with physical damage

    Who was I in my past life?

    A person who, in the eyes of those who fail to understand, was wrong in the head, not sane and silly. But the truth is that they are the culprits.

    I was suicidal and I do not regret it, because if I repented, I would not be who I am.

    Someone strong and capable of saying “enough” to make me appreciate and defend myself.

    If you are reading this girl or boy from the future and if you are like me.

    Go ahead, believe in what you are reading and do not give up.

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