Can Dogs Reincarnate? Will My Pet Come Back as Another Animal?

Can Dogs Reincarnate
Can Dogs Reincarnate

When it comes to animal reincarnation, specifically of dogs, there are many different opinions on the subject. Whether it’s tested out by scientists, anecdotes from ordinary people or emotional therapists with experience in past live regressions, these stories of dog reincarnation can be very eye-opening.

Scientists are reluctant to think that animals have a soul and that it can continue through time after physical death. Therefore, the reincarnation of dogs is highly questioned in scientific circles. Many religions are also skeptical of the idea that animals have souls.

Can Dogs Reincarnate?
Can Dogs Reincarnate?

However, some specialists in past life regressions, such as Robert Schwartz, point out that the pets and animals that we have in our lives are decided in another plane and that our pets don’t come to use just as a coincidence. According to Schwartz, the souls of humans and dogs can agree in advance on those higher planes, knowing what they will mean to each other. It is widely known that dogs help their owners overcome loneliness, sadness and that they make it easier to overcome trauma or insecurities.

According to the author, as he relates in his book, there are only a small percentage of human souls that reincarnate into animals, speaking only of the subject of human reincarnation. In one of his therapies, he was able to see how a woman had a dog, whose reincarnated soul was that of a son who was never born in a human form.

As you can see, there are many open fronts on the subject. As with human reincarnation, many will still think that canine reincarnation is impossible. Others speak that if our souls go through degrees of evolution, why should not the souls of dogs?

Reincarnated Dogs and Their Owners

A pet is always aware of its owner. A dog may reincarnate as long as they feel that their mission to help us isn’t over. Dogs are our protectors and provide us with emotional balance. They are always attentive, to take care of us and serve us according to our needs. They intuit when we are sad or sick and they approach us, to alleviate our ills. They wag their tails and look at us with those empathetic and endearing eyes. The result: we feel loved and much better. Anyone who says that there is no dialogue between owner and pet is wrong.

Dogs feel that their job is to defend us against any attack or unforeseen event, so that nothing happens to us. They are like our Guardian Angel, or familiar spirit, an inseparable entity. Hence, the most faithful friend for mankind.

Can My Dog Reincarnate?
Can My Dog Reincarnate?

The Healing Powers of Dogs

Dogs become our family doctors. They absorb our negative energies or our illness. For that reason, we feel comfortable and calm when they stick to us. Then they naturally and instinctively cleanse and purge themselves, eating grass and drinking water.

Give your love and affection to a dog and it will be your faithful and inseparable friend for life. Every time we pet a dog, he heals with our love and goes crazy with joy. He is very grateful. The more affection he receives, the healthier and stronger he is.

Why do dogs choose their owners and not the other way around?

There is a theory that says that dogs choose their masters, not we choose them. They have a lot of empathy and are adept at managing energies, so their vibrations reach us, so that we feel related, so that we feel their love and choose them.

It seems that they have the facility to make astral travel, that is to say that during sleep, they travel to the future and see what is going to happen to us. So they know in advance what is going to happen to their master. Unconsciously they know that their task is to accompany us, prevent us and accompany us in our astral travels, to make life easier or even save us.

Extrasensory Qualities of Dogs

Dogs are not spiteful, they are affectionate, they are very sensitive, they capture all the emotions around us, they are super grateful and faithful. Their senses are super developed and they capture everything with their smell, sight and hearing, long before man perceives it. When they move their tails, they are generating positive energies and transmitting their joy to us, thereby increasing our auric field.

Can dogs reincarnate

It is known by all that dogs are used in group therapy, to cheer up people with depression or cancer patients. For this reason, dogs have been used with children suffering from Cancer in hospitals, because they encourage them, provide them with very high positive energies with the vibration of their tail. What is produced is an increase in the energies of the vibratory field of the aura of sick children. They also suck part of his illness and the child feels happy, more relieved and calm.

They are very responsible with the work, which they have come to fulfill, to help their master. There are dogs, who are so attached to their masters, that they are willing to die for him. It seems that they are capable of reincarnating several times in the life of a master, never to leave him alone and protect him. What is reincarnation?

If you remember that beautiful movie that made us all cry: “Hachiko”. It was played by Richard Gere, about a dog of the Akita One breed in Japan, who waited every day for his master at the Station. The day that his love did not come back from the office, he waited for him at the Station for 9 years, until he died. That is a good example of how much dedication, responsibility and love of a dog go towards his master.

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