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Reincarnation After Death - About us
Reincarnation After Death – About us

Reincarnation After Death is an initiative that seeks to provide spiritual help raising awareness surrounding the subject of Reincarnation.

This project is driven by a deep passion to question, challenge and explore all possibilities, without disregarding any possible point of view, since the ultimate truth will remain unknown until our very last day on Earth.

Driven by freethinking values, we also believe in living differently by exploring life with an open mind, thinking outside of the box, and challenging norms. To think differently and to live differently is to live a life of freedom.

We also feel that in order to live a meaningful and fulfilled life we must go through the process of an internal evolution, an Involution, of the heart, mind and soul. We’ve created this concept of Involution to fulfill the need for self-growth and self-mastery.


Scientific method along with spiritual belief will give true success in reaching the people. Prophets and scientists mingle among men in one, who desires good for all. Truth will show sympathy, ministere to people’s needs, and win their trust.


The spiritual vision of the Reincarnation After Death is to know the Truth, to serve and disciple other people.


Inspire people to reach full potential in this life, enabling them to deepen their spiritual life, to put their faith into action by using their values to service, becoming a significant part in preaching the Truth and in the work of advancing the human species.

How can you help? The best way to help is sharing our blog publications in your community online and offline. You can also suggest videos and stories that you think should be seen by the community. Feel free to collaborate with this blog by getting in touch with us.

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