Reincarnation Without Death: The Reality of Reincarnation

Reincarnation without death
Reincarnation without dying

Do not fear Death, life is a game in which we discover the infinite.

Reincarnation is a reality. Nothing dies, everything can only transform. Death is, as Socrates said, sleep without dreaming. You take another body and often, as is my case, you fin the same soul mate.

Reincarnation without Death: the Reality of Reincarnation

Reincarnation without death
Reincarnation without dying

Reincarnation or metempsychosis – the journey of souls – is a reality, although we may not remember our past lives. “I am only a soul,” said Rumi, Islam’s greatest poet, “but I have 100,000 bodies. I’ve seen 2000 men who were myself …”

Nature normally prevents the past lives from being remembered so that the subject does not lose their sense of identity and because otherwise, the weight of each existence, with its countless shocks, traumas and samskaras (reactions, tendencies, desires …), would be an unbearable burden. Normally, the actions of one life are paid in the next, that is the reason why many times the real causes of our tragedies or our fortune in destiny are not understood and people say: “That man is the devil and he lives a long life, but that innocent girl had a horrible death”. Normally the good deeds, mistakes and even crimes of a previous life are paid in the next, that is the reason why many criminals live happy long lives as if they were innocent. But nobody escapes from Karma.

We are always resetting our souls, mainly when we die.

Throughout your life, you form a “mental wish list” or karmashaya with which you will create your next body to express your desires according to your past life. That is why what you think can be very important, what you want, be it good or bad because everything is written down for your next life and then you have to pay or enjoy it. Every moment, with your actions, words, and thoughts, you are setting up the hard drive for your next life. This is how the vasanas or “seeds of reactions” are formed, which are hidden in your unconscious to express themselves someday. It may take 10 years or 1000 years.

Predestination and Free Will

Actions come in two types: some are predetermined in your soul by the destiny of your past lives, such as dying at age 20, losing a child, winning the lottery or having an accident, (samskaramulaka) and others are independent and depend on your free will, decisions that you make, who you marry, reacting and killing someone … (pratyamulaka). After death, or an accident, fainting or samadhi (reaching Nirvana) the seeds of your actions which are hidden in the unconscious come to the surface and changes happen in your life. That is the reason for coma, loss of consciousness, accidents and strange diseases that occur without reason to many people.There are always great changes after these situations. Reincarnating without dying.

Everything is Karma: Nothing is Accidental

Everything is karma, everything has a logic and can be traced back to past lives.Nothing is casual, not death, not accidents, friends, partners … Your tastes, sexual desires, choice of partner, musical preferences, culinary, ideas, hobbies, phobias … often have an origin in your previous lives. Twins usually come from past relationships and even some love stories, tragic or happy.

Reincarnation without death
Reincarnation without death

Yatismara, Remembering past lives

In some cases you can remember your previous life and even be born at will, as in the case of yogis and even some animals that degenerate, the yatismara. Other times, as in the case of psychopaths and genocides, you may come back into an animal state or even reincarnate as an object.This is the case of some animals and many other elements on earth.

Until the rule of Justinian, the Church believed in Reincarnation

Christianity accepted reincarnation until the Council II of Constantinople in 553 at the time of Justinian the Great.

Catholicism accepted reincarnation until Council II of Constantinople in 553 forbade this belief. The first Christian Gnostics (such as Carpocrates, Basilides or Valentinus) also believed in reincarnation. The Vatican has hidden most of the esoteric side of Christianity. In the Koran, we can find: “God generates beings and, therefore, they return again and again, until everyone returns to Him”. The Chinese Taoist Chuang Tzu used to say that we went through “countless transitions with only Infinity ahead of us”.

Reincarnation is Universal

The transmigration of souls is a universal belief. We find it in Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Gnosis, Theosophy, Hebrew Hassidism, Egyptian mysteries… We find records of reincarnated people in cultures like Eskimos, Zulus, Essenes, Pharisees, Phoenicians, Atlanteans, Lemurians, Chaldeans, Alaskan Indians, Druid Celts, Australian Aborigines.


Plato, father of philosophy, and Voltaire, father of rationalism, believed in reincarnation. Many sages believed in reincarnation:

Important personalities believed in reincarnation: as Plato stated in The Republic (“The soul, a thousand years wanderer …”), Pythagoras, Goethe, Schopenhauer, Oscar Wilde, Voltaire, Virgil, Hume, Kipling, Edgar Allan Poe, Emerson, Saint Bonaventure, Giordano Bruno (“everything is transformed in turn into everything and all…”) or Benjamin Franklin. The famous American mentalist healer Edgar Cayce could heal by visualizing past lives. People also do regressions with experts, it’s a kind of hypnosis session.

Studies and Scientific Tests

Reincarnating in life
Reincarnating in life

Reincarnation has been studied scientifically by many authors, scientists and psychologists, such as Ian Stevenson, of the University of Virginia (the one who has studied it the most), Arnold Bloxam, Doctor Mortis Stark, Albert de Rochas, C.D. Broad, Alexander Cannon, Morey Berstein, Joe Keeton, psychologist Edith Fiore, and others. These authors have recorded a great number of regressions in hypnosis sessions.

In many regressions, past lives have been remembered with verifiable data or there have been phenomena such as cryptomnesia and paramnesia (hidden memory) and xenolalia (speaking unknown foreign languages). Live regressions have been made on television shows around the world (eg. “Hypnotic Adventures” by Emil Frankel issued in 1956-57 in the US).Denying reincarnation is only ignorance.

The scientific and documentary data that support the reality of reincarnation are overwhelming. Denying reincarnation is just misinformation. However, for practical purposes, it is the same to believe or not to believe in it. The ego disappears forever, although the soul continues its journey with a new or recycled ego.

Reincarnation is Justice

Reincarnation is pure karmic justice, the law of opportunities for all beings.Life is like a love joke, with which the All being plays with you. Reincarnation is not a reward, it is a punishment: we are here to go beyond the duality, of life and death, to reach a Reincarnated state in this life. How can we reincarnate without death? Through yoga, meditation and esoteric techniques you can emancipate yourself from the chains of actions and reactions and return to your original range, the infinite.

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