10 Signs That Your Soul Has Reincarnated Several Times

Signs that your Soul has Reincarnated
Signs that your Soul has Reincarnated

Reincarnation is not a dream and in every moment you are in contact with this process. The most obvious example is in nature, which is cyclic. As the day comes, it perishes to give room to the night and once again it is born to die again. A plant blossoms, matures and dies, leaving in its wake the seeds that will give life to another living being of the same species. That is why the human has adopted this phenomenon and has inscribed it in his own life.

For example, Buddhism does not believe in the existence of an individual and eternal soul. The human being is only transmitter of an incessant flow, of an uninterrupted energy, of “forces” accumulated during previous existences. The law of Karma is the determining factor of the existence of an individual. The man who dies will be reborn in a pleasant or unpleasant state, according to the actions he has committed in his earthly life.

Signs that your Soul has Reincarnated
Signs that your Soul has Reincarnated

These teachings are written within the sixth book of the Mahabharata, especially in the episode known as the Bhagavad Gita, where a supreme figure called Krishna gives advice to a simple human, Arjuna. The ideology of life and death is expressed by the guru with the following words:

“Just as a person takes off his worn clothes and puts on new ones, so does the incarnated soul leaving the worn body and entering into a new form of manifestation, weapons cannot pierce the soul, fire cannot burn the soul. The wind cannot dry the soul, knowing this, Arjuna, be a mere instrument.”

This cluster of ideas opens a great door to the complex that is death and reincarnation for the human spirit, and although the last words were of the Buddhist ideology, below are some signs that all the people perceive and that they tell us that Life is a huge cycle.

10 Signs That Your Soul Has Reincarnated Several Times

Recurring dreams

Dreams are a reflection of the unconscious mind, and although sometimes dreaming of the same scene may be a symptom of a trauma, images of your past lives may also appear. Many people claim to have experienced certain events, having seen specific people or being aware of certain places that in their real life do not exist, but that somehow they feel identified with.

Spontaneous memories

There are many recorded cases of young children who could remember previous lives, keeping in their mind memories of objects or people that came spontaneously and that later have been proven to be accurate or real. These memories could be the result of fantasies, misunderstandings or incongruities of thought, but when you know that this really does exist, it only affirms the connection with past lives.

Having a strong intuition

Intuition is the ability to balance the conscious and unconscious mind to obtain a wisdom that helps in a specific situation, but there are times when this force surpasses the natural and seems to be an act of seer. In Buddhism there is a space called Nirvana, where all energy flows and knowledge is shared. Perhaps that is where this mysterious knowledge arises.

Signs of soul has reincarnated
Signs that your soul has reincarnated

Déjà vu

Everyone has had that strange feeling of having experienced something before in their lives. Often a dèjá vu is provoked by smells, sounds, images and flavors. There are those who maintain that this act is cause of a neurological dissonance, others affirm that it reflects the possibilities of other dimensions. Yet still, it is believed that it reveals a little more of past lives.

Being empathic towards others

Following the Buddhist philosophy, there is the principle of the 7 lives, in which a human has the right to reincarnate seven times to act in the right way. In these lives you are not always bound to be a human, because your soul is repeatedly deposited in that of an animal to learn the basic principles of life. Being a very empathic individual can be a sign that you have lived in many bodies and that is why you respect and value others.


Also called “vision of the future” or “second sight,” precognition is the ability to acquire information on future events that of course, you would not know otherwise. This skill not only encompasses visions, but it can also include experiencing physical sensations and emotions as well as dreams. This phenomenon breaks physical laws and demonstrates how the spirit travels through different dimensions.


This is the opposite of the previous item. The information you get from the past would be a clear sign that you lived in other bodies and what you now live is the result of an act of reincarnation.

Having great affinity for certain cultures of past centuries

Signs of reincarnation
Signs of reincarnation

If you find certain cultures attractive or periods in time, it could be because there is still in you a “residue” from your past life. For example, if you are interested in World War I or World War II, perhaps it is because you lived in that time and that information stayed with you. Now you have a mysterious urge to know more about what happened.

Feeling like you don’t belong in this world.

That annoyance about the world around you, combined with a longing to find your true home, which may be the result of the calling of that mystical place where all souls converge, because they say that the essences that have already fulfilled their mission and their cycle have a basic need to return home.

Unexplained fears or insurmountable phobias

Many of the problems that people suffer are residues of some experience that did not properly finish and now they appear in the form of trauma, phobias or diseases. Following this logic, it could also occur that somebody suffers an irremediable phobia because in a past life they died or they faced a very hard situation that they could not surpass. Examples may include fear of drowning or visiting specific places.

  1. If you do not want to return to this multi verse just turn your back to the light when you pass and step into the darkness its that simple. Most souls cannot do this because of the attraction to the light and end up back within this reality.

  2. Me too.It gives a light in tunnel and messy world but the only thing I believe is dna and our next life in new generation:) I made a baby to feel more safe and confident 🙂

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