Reincarnation Of Animals

Reincarnation of animals
Reincarnation of animals

Reincarnation of Animals. When speaking of reincarnation in animals, we can only speculate, since we do not even know if animals have souls or not, and that is something essential for reincarnation to occur. However, I must clarify that I do believe that animals have souls. What I do not believe is that human beings can reincarnate as animals in a future life, or have incarnated as animals in the past.

It is also a somewhat sensitive issue because reincarnation in animals is present in the beliefs of some religions, and I it is something that does great harm to those who want to take reincarnation seriously. It is a subject that lends itself well to ridiculization by non reincarnationists and possibly one of the aspects that makes many people, when approaching the concept of reincarnation, to be held back by thinking that all reincarnationists agree with this theory, and think that it makes no sense. I can not blame them, because it is very common to hear such absurd statements as that bad karma leads to reincarnation in animals, as a kind of punishment for having done wrong. And no, I do not know anyone who has had to return as a cockroach for being a bad person.

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Reincarnation of animals
Reincarnation of animals

Also I have to say yes there are people who claim to have memories of being some kind of animal: from aquatic animals, dogs, foxes or eagles. Some even speculate that if you feel some affinity or attraction to an animal in particular, you may have been that animal in the past. I do not think this is possible, and I say this for a reason.

It’s just my personal theory, and I can be wrong, but I think the soul of a human being is like the soul of an animal (and of course, it is also very different from the soul of a plant). After a few years working with animals, and living with them, I have no doubt that animals have consciousness of themselves, they suffer and feel like any human being, they have a special “sixth sense” with which they can sense our mood and much more information from the environment than us, and they may understand us better than we can understand them. But it is also undeniable that their brainpower is totally different. I think the relationship between soul and brain is a very intimate relationship, there is a connection between the two that begins even before birth, I think that our spirit is an incredibly complex and limitless entity that somehow has to “enter” into a physical body to be its vehicle for that life. If we reincarnate with a purpose, I think it would be useless or at least not very productive, to be reincarnated into an animal body, in which it will be much more difficult to adapt, which will be much more limited, and in which the amount of experiences that we will have is much smaller. Being an animal could never offer us the opportunities we need and have come to seek to grow spiritually, if that is what we want.

One possibility would be, just as there is an evolution from “inferior” beings to “superior” beings, there would also be an evolution of the soul, from the vegetable soul to the soul of the human being, in the sense that each time it would be more complex (not necessarily better), and the evolutionary leap from the kingdom of plants, to the animal, and to the human being, would be so great that it would not be possible to backtrack. I do not entirely rule out this theory, although I am more in favor of thinking that the souls are created, and are already created with certain characteristics that make them ideal to embody a particular type of body. As I believe that our spirit can do almost everything, it could possibly reincarnate in any other type of body, but it would take an extra effort of adaptation that would not be practical, and might perhaps need successive reincarnations to adapt.

I also do not rule out at all the possibility that at certain times, for some reason, we decided to “own” an animal body for a short period of time, perhaps to know what it feels like, or to take a message to a loved one, or out of curiosity… Perhaps this would explain why there are people who claim to have memories of being animals. But, as I say, I doubt that this experience could serve to bring us something better than living as a human being.

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Reincarnation of animals and pets

Reincarnation of animals
Reincarnation of animals

Lately I’ve read comments from people saying that their cat came back as their dog, or as a new cat… I will avoid saying what I think about this. But if someone is able to believe this and even say it in public without blushing, possibly you know what I will think, and I won’t be surprised if then they tell me they are the reincarnation of Joan of Arc. Never forget to maintain a critical attitude when you read online. Never forget that when speaking of reincarnation there are no fixed rules, there is nothing fully proven, and for now we can only talk about what we have seen, especially if we have observed from our personal experiences, remembering our past lives.

In any case, I think it is essential to always apply logic and common sense. And one of the most sensible attitudes is to check your memories of past lives. If you think you could have been a butterfly because in a dream you seemed to fly like an insect and stepped in someone’s hand, it will be very difficult to distinguish whether it was just a dream, or if you really were a butterfly. Before the absence of evidence, I would stay with the dream.

This concludes this article about reincarnation of animals. You can leave a comment below stating your opinion, share it with your contacts and keep reading this website to learn more about reincarnation and the afterlife.

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  1. I believe that Dr. Ian Stevenson, in his books, has proved beyond any doubt, that reincarnation is a fact beyond all doubt. Children remembering past lives have been researched and validated. If there is another explanation for this phenomenon for factual experience I cannot imagine what it might be. If you are open minded and sincere in your research you will be greatly rewarded.

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