Reincarnation Process: Master Lessons On Past Lives

Reincarnation process
Reincarnation process

Reincarnation Process: The Basic Principles. The following principles of the reincarnation process are taken from the books of doctor and psychiatrist Brian Weiss, who has accumulated a wealth of experience in past-life regression in thousands of patients through hypnosis.

Brian Weiss graduated with honors from Columbia University in 1966. He continued his studies at the School of Medicine in Yale University, where he received his medical degree in 1970. After an internship at the Medical Center of the University of New York (Bellevue Medical Center), he returned to Yale to complete his residence as a psychiatrist. Eventually, he accepted a position at the University of Pittsburgh. Two years later he joined the University of Miami, as the head of the Psychopharmacological Department. There he achieved national renown in the fields of Biological Psychiatry and drug abuse. After four years he was promoted to the rank of associate professor of Psychiatry and appointed head of the same subject at the Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, affiliated with the university. By then he had already published 37 scientific articles and studies in his specialty.

His odyssey began in 1980, when he met Catherine, the first patient who led him to discover the existence of past lives during her hypnotic regressions. With her he discovered that a person can heal in this life by knowing the traumatic events which took place in previous lives. His books have been translated into more than 35 languages, covering the subject of hypnotic regression, as well as the impact on current life of the experiences accumulated in previous incarnations. It is important to nte his contribution to hundreds of thousands of patients through his books, as indicated by many critics: they make us think and reflect on the meaning of life.

Reincarnation Process: Brian Weiss
Reincarnation Process: Brian Weiss

Dr. Weiss has given many lectures and conferences throughout the United States and the world. His presentations in American television are truly remarkable, among which we can mention the Oprah Winfrey Show, The Joan Rivers Show, the Sally Jessy Raphael Show, the 20/20 Show, Larry King Live on CNN and a Real Story special on CNBC.

Currently he is conducting experiential workshops and trainings around the world to teach people and other professional therapists hypnosis techniques and past life regression, which he has used and mastered throughout his life to help thousands of patients with amazing results.

Reincarnation Process: Past Life and Karma Principles

– Generally, the same individual retains the same genre from life to life, along a vast number of reincarnations. However, every so often we are embodied in the opposite sex to go through experiences that we could not meet otherwise. For example, if you always were a man you could not go through the experience of giving birth.

– Each soul determines the time between its reincarnations. If you’re too tired, then you take a break. If you are wise, you take the time to digest your learnt knowledge and to plan your next life, in the same way that a writer plans his next book. If you have too many ties to this reality or if you’re too impatient, or if you have not learned enough, then you can come back quickly. This is always an individual decision. There is no predestination. The answers are behind yourself then as they are within you now.

– Groups of souls tend to reincarnate together over and over again, to build up karma (debts to others and to oneself, lessons to be learned) over many lifetimes.

– At the moment when death occurs, the soul leaves the body; floats above and then is drawn into a wonderful and energetic light. The soul automatically passes to the hereafter. Embalming, funeral rites and any other procedure after death have nothing to do with this: it is automatic, without necessary preparations, just like through a door that opens.

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– Death is the first step in the reincarnation process. Research on patients who have remembered their deaths in previous lives indicate that the experience of death is virtually the same for everyone. A life review perceived from love, without judgment or criticism. However, emotions are felt deeply, both yours and those of others, and thus they are learnt at a deeper level. For example, if a person has helped wholeheartedly someone who needed it, then he or she will feel that extended gratitude and love, but if he has hurt others, either emotionally or physically, he or she will experience their rage in addition to their pain. What a wonderful learning opportunity. Later, the person and his delegation, formed by guides, teachers, angels and other beings who have helped with love over many years, prepare the next life, so the individual can rectify what has gone wrong.

Reincarnation process
Reincarnation process

– We are always developing ourselves and learning. When reincarnation is no longer needed, when we have learned all our lessons and paid all our debts, we are given an option. We can return voluntarily to help humanity with a service of love, or we can stay on the other side and help from that state. In both cases, we continue to progress through the divine dimensions.

– There are thousands of reported cases in the scientific literature confirming Reincarnation. Especially those of children who spoke foreign languages without ever hearing them, who had birthmarks where they had in a previous life received fatal injuries. Children who know where there are precious objects hidden or buried, thousands of kilometers away, decades or even centuries later.

– There are also people who return after a period being on the edge of death, had after death experiences, they are separated from the body and contemplate the efforts made by doctors to resurrect them, from a point above their body. In due time they become aware of a bright light or a glittering spiritual figure in the distance; Sometimes, at the end of a tunnel. There is no pain. When they become aware that they have not yet completed the task they have to fulfill on earth, that they should return to the body, immediately they return to it again and feel pain and other physical sensations.

– When the soul leaves the body a wonderful light can be seen. This is an important step on the reincarnation process. Other souls come to meet, they come to help. They are wonderful souls who are not afraid. The newly disembodied being feels very light, feels only peace. A time of comfort beigns. The soul finds peace here and all physical pains are left behind. The soul is peaceful and serene. It is a wonderful feeling as if the sun would always shine on you. The light is very intense and has many colors. Everything comes from the light. In that light there is energy. Our soul is immediately drawn over there. It is like a magnetic force that attracts us. It is as a source of power that can cure.

– Lives are not measured by years, but by the lessons learned and completed tasks: hope, faith, love, helping and sharing without expectation of a reward.

– Each individual is exactly what he has earned the right to be. Each is surrounded by the happiness of the right deeds done in the past. But also we now face the debts contracted in the previous life. Unhappiness is the result of the suffering inflicted on others in the previous life that before birth we accepted to now repair. If the body is weak today, it is because it was neglected before, if we have no friends it is because in the previous life we did not make them. Man is the result of his past and will be the fruit of his present. The current gifts and powers are the result of sincere work yesterday. He who works like a slave can return made a prince, for his kind respectability and the merits he earned. He who ruled like a king can come back wandering the world, dressed in rags, for things he did or did not do. “If you want to know the past, look at your present life. If you want to know the future, look at your present life.” – Buddha.

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– An interruption of pregnancy or natural abortion is usually associated with the covenant established between the mother and the soul who will enter the baby. The baby’s body lacked sufficient health to perform the task in the life that awaited him, or that was not the right time for certain goals, or the external situation had changed, maybe because of the disappearance of the father in the moment when the plans of the baby or the mother needed a father figure. In many cases the same soul, after an abortion, spontaneous or provoked, returns to the same parents in the baby next to procreate.

Reincarnation process
Reincarnation process

– When a soul can not be born by decision of the parents, it will be born in the same family of parents in similar circumstances.

– The soul enters the body at once. Approximately during conception, the soul reserves the body. Then, no other soul can have that body. The soul that has reserved the body of a certain baby can come and go whenever it wants it. It is not confined. It’s like being in a coma. During pregnancy, the soul is gradually joining the baby’s body, but the union is not complete until birth approaches. It may occur a little earlier, during birth or shortly after birth.

– In the past life regression loved ones are recognized just as that. By looking at the eyes of the soul mate you can tell who he or she is. Whether in Heaven or on Earth, a vibration or a characteristic energy of loved ones is perceived. The deepest personality that is inside can be seen, and an internal knowledge that comes from the heart, a connection occurs. Since the eyes of the heart are the first to see, words alone cannot convey the certainty of recognizing a soul. There is no doubt or confusion. Although the body today is probably very different from the one before, the soul is the same and can be easily recognized. This recognition is complete and it is beyond doubt.

– Sometimes the recognition of the soul can take place in the mind rather than the heart. This kind of recognition usually occurs with infants or small children showing very specific physical characteristics or behaviors; they pronounce a word or phrase and it can be instantly recognized in them a father, a mother or a grandparent. They may have a scar or a birthmark identical to that of the loved one, or they may hold hands or look at us the same way. The fact is that we recognize it.

– In heaven, a place that does not require the physical body, soul recognition may occur through an inner knowledge: a perception of energy, light or specific vibration of the beloved one. A feeling in the heart. It is an intuitive and profound wisdom, and then we recognize our loved ones in a full and immediate way. They can even help us by taking the body they had in the last incarnation they shared with us. We see them as we knew them on Earth, often with a younger and healthier appearance.

– If indeed we never die, then we are never really born. We are immortal, divine and indestructible. Death is nothing more than switching rooms by crossing the threshold of a door.

– In the course of our many lives we change of sex, religion and race in order to learn from all these many perspectives. It is as if we were always going to school. We come back repeatedly to learn certain lessons or qualities such as love, forgiveness, understanding, patience or nonviolence. We must forget other feelings that result from old impositions, such as fear, anger, greed, hatred, pride or ego. Only then we get a degree and leave this school. We have all the time in the world to learn and unlearn. We are immortal; we are infinite; we are of the same nature as God.

Reincarnation process
Reincarnation process

– The souls are related to each other as the thousands of leaves of an old tree. The ones hanging from our own stem are closely related to us and we get to share different experiences with them, experiences of the soul. We are also closely linked to the leaves of our branches. We have something in common with them. They are close to us, but not as much as are the leaves of our stem. Similarly, as we move away from the tree branches, our relationship with the other leaves or souls still exists but is not as intimate as the one we have with the nearest leaves. We are all part of a tree trunk. We can share experiences. We know each other. But those who belong to our stem are the closest. In this beautiful forest there are many other trees. Each of them is connected with others through the underground root system. Thus, even if a leave is in a very distant and different tree from our tree, we are still connected to it. We are connected to all the leaves, but we have a closer relationship with our tree, even more intimate with our branch and a link that is almost a fusion with our stem. We may have come together in past lives with other souls who belong to the same tree but are far from us. We may have had many different relationships with those souls, relationships that have perhaps been very brief. Perhaps we have learned something new, even a half-hour meeting. One of these souls may have been a beggar who has crossed our path and has touched our heart. This has increased our ability to feel compassion for another human being and we have contributed to that person to learn to receive love and support. We probably never met the beggar again in this life, but we are part of the same story. The length of our meetings varies: five minutes, an hour, a day, a month, a decade or more; this is how souls relate. Relationships are not measured in time but in lessons learned.

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– The process of reincarnation is a bridge to greater knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It reminds us what to take and what we should discard; why we are here and what instruments we need to move forward; the incredible guidance and help we received along the way, and that our loved ones come back to us to share our achievements and ease our burdens.

– There is no direct relationship between psychic powers and the level of spiritual evolution. Psychic powers and spiritual development are not necessarily connected. The psychic powers of some people increase as they evolve spiritually, as they gain greater awareness. This, rather than being an essential step, is an incidental acquisition. The ego of a person should not be puffed up simply because his psychic powers increase. The goal is to learn about love and compassion, kindness and charity, and not how to become a famous psychic.

– Ease for a language or affinity with certain culture can be another key to past origins. Although some people feel affinity with a particular culture, others find certain places repugnant. Others discover clues about past lives through sensations of deja-vu.

– It is advisable to reconsider our vices. Otherwise, we will carry them to the next life. Only we can get rid of the bad habits that we accumulate when we are in physical state. If you choose not to fight and get rid of them, you take them with you to another life. And only when you decide that you are strong enough to solve external problems then you will stop them in your next life.

Reincarnation Process
Reincarnation Process

– The body and mind are the masks that our soul carries in the physical world. Physical life is like a play where there are unforeseen changes all the time and no script, so chaos reigns. When the actors disappear behind the curtain, the mess is over. Actors masks are removed. They recover their permantent identities, are no longer the characters who they temporarily embodied. The current body is the character of the play, the soul is the imperishable actor. On stage characters can suffer appalling misfortunes, even death. But the actors never suffer any harm. In the context of our own immortality, eternity that transcends time, everything is exactly as it should be. At death we remove the masks and rest in our natural state. Nothing is missing or forgotten, we just take off our masks, clothing and other external covers and return to the spiritual realms where we renew and reestablish. Here we meet our soul mates of all time and plan our next life on Earth. When the right time and the right circumstances exist, we put on new masks (with a baby body and brain) and return to physical state. It is important to remember that we are the soul, not the mask.

– The most difficult lives often carry the opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth. These lives do not automatically imply a negative karma from the past. Perhaps we chose the difficult life in order to make more progress.

– We live in a world where the alternative of pain and the likelihood of suffering are ever-present possibilities of experience. Tribulations are the best source of wisdom for mortals. You cannot perceive spiritual reality if you haven’t felt it before by experience. Many of these truths are only intuited and understood in the midst of adversity.

– We believe that this life is all we have. That is the only way humans live life with intensity. If we had the certainty that there is another reality, another life, we would not live with the same interest. We are here in the world of the matter, of the imperfection, to live what we can not live in that other reality, the invisible universe of “no time”. We are here to savor the time and its limitations.

– When we are done with our lives here on Earth, we are truly eager to leave this existence. When the body is exhausted, we really want to get rid of it. The survival instinct is perfectly met, because the inner self knows for sure that it will live after death.

– When you are in this dimension on Earth it is as if remembered events were like pieces of furniture, all arranged in a room in a certain order. Living in the room you can find your way through the different furniture with ease. When you “die” and change dimension it is as if you moved to a larger and different type of room and here the furniture may be distributed in a different way, removed and placed back to your heart’s content. You can form different combinations with them and use them for different purposes.
Jane Robert “Seth Material”

– When you die you go along the paths you already prepared when you were asleep and traveling to other dimensions in your dreams. There are several training stages that vary according to each individual.
Jane Robert “Seth Material”

Reincarnation Process: Past lives and their relationship with the genetic memory

Reincarnation process
Reincarnation process

Do these memories come from our genes and chromosomes, from the genetic and reproductive material that we inherited from our parents, who in turn inherited it from theirs, and so on, until our remote ancestors?

While it is true that some general memories could be genetically inherited, most of the memories of past lives do not have that origin. Looking into the reincarnation process theory, we find several reasons to that effect:

1. Many patients have recalled former existences in which they died as children or without children, without having transferred any genetic material. The memories of those lives without children are quite detailed and vivid.

2. The realization of the memories can be extraordinary. A patient may remember a scene of a battle of the Middle Ages and discover exactly what soldier he was among the 10,000 that were in the field. The wounds of that particular soldier often coincide with an evil that afflicts him in this life and that usually starts to resolve after the memory of the scene. It does not seem logical to expect such a degree of realization of genetic memories. Not even the concepts of racial or collective unconscious memory may explain the extraordinarily detailed memories that often patients provide. The memories evoked are not archetypes or broad categories, but the minutest details, often accompanied by strong feelings or emotions.

3. Many memories occur outside the physical body, and there is no genetic material. In many cases part of the memory happens after physical death, when the person floated above his body and watched the scene from above. You can see the body he had just left, its condition and its injuries, and all the battlefield and what was happening as the fight progressed and came to an end. During those moments when he was over his body he also had emotions and thoughts.

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From the book: The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

Reincarnation process
Reincarnation process

Imagine that the human body is a television. You are the image displayed on the screen. Your identity is an emission that is received by an antenna. One day, you turn on the TV and the Tvscreen is damaged. Your first reaction would be: “Oh, the TV is broken!”. But does the emission is interrupted when the TV is damaged?

To answer that question, buy another TV, install it, turn it on and tune in the station you were watching before the tube was damaged. This will prove that the emission is still in the air, even if your first TV set died. The death of the TV as a receiver did not kill at all the identity of the emission which comes from the environment.

In this analogy, the physical television is equivalent to the cell. TV antenna, which is responsible for receiving the signal represents our group of receivers identity and broadcast signal, a signal from the environment. Because of our obsession with Newtonian material world, we might assume at first that the receptor proteins of the cell are the “I”. That would be like believing that the TV antenna is emitting the signal. Cell receptors are not the source of our identity, but the vehicle through which the “I” is discharged from the environment.

When I finally understood this relationship, I realized that my identity, my “self” exists in the environment whether my body is present or not. Just like in the analogy with the TV, if my body dies and in the future a new individual (a new television set) is born with the same group identity receptors, that new individual can tune with my “self”. I will once more be present in the world. When my physical body dies, the emission will continue. My identity is a complex label contained in the vast information that forms the environment as a whole.

Proof that supports my belief that the emission of an individual is still present after his death comes from transplant patients who claim that, along with their new organs, they also perceived behavioral and psychological changes.

A woman who was very aware of taking care of her health, the conservative Claire Sylvia from New England, was stunned when she started to like beer, chicken nuggets and motorcycles after her heart transplant. Sylvia spoke to the donor’s family and discovered that she had received the heart of an 18-year-old bike enthusiast who loved nuggets and beer. In her book entitled “A Change of Heart”, Sylvia summarizes her personal transformation and similar experiences of other patients on her transplant support group (Sylvia and Novak, 1997).

Paul P. Pearsall also has a number of similar stories in his book: “The Heart’s Code” (Pearsall, 1998). The accuracy of the memories that accompany these transplants is beyond chance or coincidence.

A girl started having nightmares about a murder after her heart transplant. She had such vivid dreams which served to capture the murderer who had killed her donor.

Transplanted cells and organs are an example not only for immortality, but also of Reincarnation. Imagine that it is possible that in the future an embryo will have the same group of identity receivers that I have now. That embryo will absorb my “self”. My identity will come back, but will use a different body.

Sexism and racism become absurd when one realizes that their identity receptors may end up in a white, black or Asian person, whether male or female. Because the environment represents “everything that exists” (God) and our receptores are only antennas that are tuned with a small bandwidth among all possible spectrum, we all do not represent more than a small part of the whole… a small part of God.

You and I are like the rovers, who receive information from an environmental controller, the spirit. Throughout our lives, the experiences of our world are transmitted to the controller, our spirit. So, the way in which you live your life also influences the character of your “self”. This interaction corresponds to the concept of karma. Once we understand it, we must be careful in how we live life on this planet, because the consequences of our actions last longer than our bodies.

What we do throughout our lives can return to torture us or to a future version of ourselves. In the end, these cell notions serve to enhance the wisdom of spiritual masters who have appeared throughout history. We are all spirits in a material body.

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This concludes our article on how the reincarnation process works. Keep reading this website to learn more about reincarnation and the afterlife.

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  1. after listening to you tube videos recently am no longer a scoffer at the process of reincarnation the lectures often validated what have intuited – I believe piano playing the past 15 years was a big part of my awakening I would imagine all of the varying vibratory levels had an influence upon awareness and dreams – I know somewhere along the line have had other existences and I have at least some circumstantial proof – but there are always the possibility of imagination and fantasy – but do believe sooner or latter will be convinced and as one of the you tube lecturers said – a case you could bring to a jury –

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