What Happens After You Die? The Connection Between Life and Death

What happens after you die?
What happens after you die?

What Happens After You Die? Rosalia Zabala Garcia has dedicated over 20 years to help people overcome and face the impact that means facing death. She assists families and has made countless conferences, ultimately, to “heal the body and the soul“. According to Rosalia we should not face death with fear: “We live in the light, in love”, “There is a magic word. Acceptance… Every being must transcend the Light.” Let’s learn what happens after we die.

Such is the interest aroused by these issues, last Feb. 5 Rosalia successfully held a forum in Girona, Spain, her first seminar bearing the title “Exchanging Experiences Beyond Death“. During the talk various attendees took turns narrating their personal experiences and explaining how they faced the death of their relatives and other experiences. Here is one of Rosalia’s most profound statements: “At the time of death everyone is very afraid. But the time of death is usually a sweet moment for he who is suffering no longer suffers… because it really means freedom. After death we become essence, a disembodied being who feels no pain, no suffering, no feelings of anger… Nor has the memories they had when they were here. That does not exist on the other side. There is a bond of love with what was here on Earth, but in that moment there is no memory of the words spoken.”

What happens after you die?

What happens after you die?
What happens after you die?

According to Rosalia people rarely die with a wave of fear or pain. Almost always the face expresses peace and tranquility and it is because at the time of death there are always present, beings that come to pick us up. Moreover, a few days before they are already there. The Solar Angel is always with us. But there are also other entities called “Beings of Light” or “The Great White Brotherhood” and even relatives so as not to be afraid at the time of leaving, they are usually people with whom we had a very strong bond, a father, mother etc. Then is when the person feels the need to go unless he or she is really clinging to life.

When the soul is afraid of the light it remains aground between our world and the other. There we find are the low level astral entities, disembodied beings, etc.

The expert exposed in the course: “We all want to know what happens we die, so we have to prepare and we must accept what comes. Having a good death is very important because it helps us to unhook”.

Rosalia explained that most people who have gone through this corridor full of light often explain the same: They see a tunnel, bright light, souls, robed beings and even family members. However there are people, a number of them, explaining they’ve seen monsters and have had a truly terrible and therefore traumatizing experience. One person who was clinically dead said: “I was taken to such nice places… They said I could stay there if I wanted to, but decided to return because I had young children.”

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As an anecdote, during the seminar Rosalia said that if we ever felt a pinch on the leg for example, that is a call from these beings who are afraid to go towards the Light, they are stranded, and ask us for help. In these cases to help these disembodied beings we must mentally say: “Take the right path without fear and go towards the light”.

What happens after you die? Subsequent soul processes after death

In the seminar Rosalia explained the processes that affect the soul after its physical death:

  1. First comes the “Bardo” or Transit lasting a minimum of three days and a maximum of seven, in which the soul says goodbye to its family or concludes unresolved issues.
  2. The soul erases its memory through the “River of Lethe“.
  3. The soul goes through a trial where we are asked if we want to return or not.
  4. The soul waits for its new incarnation in the “basket of souls”.
  5. After a while, and if we decided to come back into a new incarnation we go again through the trial or court where it is agreed in which family we will be born, what kind of life, etc, and even how we will die.

According to Rosalia there is no specific number of reincarnations per individual. The necessary number of lives will be lived in order to become an Old Soul or Pure Soul, where the concept of the ego or self disappears, and it only wants to help others.

What we should not do after someone dies

What happens after you die?
What happens after you die?

When the process of death occurs we should never light a candle at home. That does not bring peace to the soul, but what it does is create an energy link with the soul of the person and it does not let it go freely. In any case if we put a candle we must put it in a neutral place like a church.

Rosalia warns that when death occurs, we should not be selfish. We must work in our detachment so that the soul can go in peace. If we suffer, the soul will be hooked to us, so we must give freedom and accept that death occurred because the time had to come. We must see death as a true liberation. Therefore with joy we send all our love.

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About death

On the concept of death Rosalia said the following to Radio Intereconomia in her “Way of the Heart” program: “Death is a part of life, it is an important moment because since our soul comes into this container it has an expiration time.”

What happens after you die?
What happens after you die?

As she explains, everything does not end with death, and she also defends the belief in reincarnation: “The soul needs to regenerate… This is like a university, and we come every time to pass a subject. Just as we approve, we keep moving on until there comes a time when we no longer come back and join in the light. (…) We come here to learn and for our soul to grow.”

Rosalia explained how curious it is that people who haven’t met each other, but with similar experiences from different parts of the world tell the same stories when talking about the process prior to death. On the threshold of death, they say “they see their father, their mother, the loved ones, and this is not by chance” (..) “When my father died I could see the beings who came for him, my father looked at me as if to say ‘they are here’ and I said ‘go in peace’. He looked back at them, closed his eyes and parted.”

“Many times people who die of a heart attack, or die very quickly are not aware that they have died and sometimes remain stuck in another reality that is parallel to ours. These beings feel lost, they do not belong to this reality or the other one, they are the disembodied. They are aware that they have to go to the other side and ask us for help because they do not know what is happening. The easiest way to help these beings to reach the other side is to call the four archangels Michael, Uriel, Raphael and Gabriel so they take them to the light”.

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This concludes our article regarding what happens after you die. Keep reading this blog to learn more about reincarnation and the afterlife.

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