Past Lives Regression Therapy: 15 Frequently Asked Questions

past lives regression therapy
past lives regression therapy

What is Past Lives Regression Therapy?

Past Lives Regression Therapy is a transpersonal psychotherapeutic technique, which uses memory regression as an approach tool.

Through the regression technique, the person relives significant events of the past (of this life or previous lives), where the emotional charge is still active, influencing the present, preventing us from acting freely (this is what causes symptoms such as blockages, anxiety, physical pain, etc.).

By reviving the traumatic experience which gave rise to the symptom, we allow the trapped energy to be released, and that is precisely the sensation it causes in the patient: relief and release.

What kind of disorders can be treated with past life regression therapy?

Past life regression
Past life regressions

It allows us to find and revive the origins and roots that are the cause of the current problems. Not only does it increase self-knowledge, but it also gives us access to inner wisdom that helps improve our relationships with others and develop a creative potential for designing our own lives.

How can I have a past life regression?

You have lived (and will live) a series of different incarnations and the knowledge of each and every one of them is accessible to you; Of course, if you want. If so, among other methods, here are some suggestions:

  • Go to a professional hypnotist or psychologist with experience in past life regressions.
  • It is also possible to achieve them by entering alpha level during meditation.
  • Through mind control.
  • With Hypnocybernetic.
  • By means of a Pranayama, which is a breathing exercise (hyperventilation), do not try it by yourself.
  • Drug use, which we do not recommend, because it could be dangerous, besides that it is not easily controlled and could end in becoming addicted and not even reach its goal.
  • It should be noted that for almost all these methods, it is best to do so with the help of a person who knows how to carry it out.

Do I need to believe in reincarnation?

There is no need to believe in reincarnation. The therapy goes beyond belief, not just the patient, or even the therapist.

If the patient does not believe in past lives, he or she can be making up the story, which serves as a framework for understanding from the intellect, but in reality, the result is given by the process and the emotional work performed.

How easy is it to remember a past life?

For some people, it is easier, while for others it is more complicated. It depends on our ease of entering into a trance or an altered state of consciousness.

The actual session begins with a process called induction by which we are led to that state. This is achieved with different methods that use techniques of deep relaxation, visualization, hypnosis or combinations of these elements.
Once this altered state of consciousness has been reached, the regression itself begins, by which we are guided to a forgotten time of our existence or of a past life. The focus of the session will be the problem that motivated the consultation.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Most people can. Many people can be hypnotized easily and profoundly during the first session. Others require more than one, but with specific practice and training, one can achieve that state.

Sadly there is a small percentage of people who can not be hypnotized despite repeated attempts.

Will I keep control of myself during the process?

Past lives therapy
Past lives therapy

Yes, you will always be able to keep control, because despite being in an altered state of consciousness, therapy focuses on allowing us to find our own way, (with the help of the therapist as a guide when necessary) but always retaining control as to be able to return, if one deems it convenient.

Will I be able to remember everything?

The experiences that take place in each regression typically have an intensity and vividness such that can be evoked years later and are usually remembered as if they were recent memories.

Will I recognize people that I know?

It is probable. We tend to reincarnate along with the same people over and over again. It could be family, friends, our most beloved and our most hated as well.

They probably do not look the same as now, they may even have a different gender or completely different roles in our life, but we will recognize them, in a difficult way to explain, like meeting up with an old acquaintance who we meet again after a long time.

What are twin souls?

They represent two souls that have been together throughout eternity. They long one for the other and are sought to be completed in every existence. Plato said that in the beginning, one soul had split into two, thus creating twin souls. In the regression to past lives, it is observed that our soul mate is often the person who helps us learn the most difficult lessons of this life, as they have done before in our previous existences.

What is the space between lives?

It is the non-physical state to which souls are directed after death. It ranges from bright light to pure energy. It can also be a place, a color. In general, people see what they expect to find: heaven, hell, paradise.

The soul can appear as contained in a body or simply as a non-corporeal luminous state. There it meets the other souls it has met in other existences.

It is also in that place where consciousness and memory expand and we can remember and understand our past lives.

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Why do we reincarnate?

Because we have many lessons to learn about love, inner peace, compassion, forgiveness. That’s why we reincarnate again and again.

A lesson can take one or more lives, it depends on us and the circumstances.

There are also people who simply choose to return to help other people as a mission in their life. Generally, this happens with more evolved souls.

What relationship exists between dreams and past lives?

Dreams, especially infantile dreams, contain remnants of memories of past lives. When we begin a regression therapy, it is often observed that the experiences of those lives also generate dreams related to those episodes, as it happened during our childhood.

How will I feel after the past life regression?

Past lives regression therapy
Past lives regression therapy

It depends on what happens in each session. In general, it is as if we were awakened from a long and deep sleep. We will feel so relaxed that it might take a while to be fully awake. We can feel exhausted or very energized, depending on the person and the experience. Generally, after a few minutes, we will wake up recovering our usual state.

We will remember the images lived with such intense intensity that we will feel shocked. But perhaps the most important thing is what happens to us in subsequent days when we evoke them, understanding the similarity of that past life with our present problems so we can confront them, and maybe understand a little more the circumstances of our lives.

What are the risks of past life regression therapy?

Many people fear a regression to past lives because they have misconceptions about what might happen to them during a session, so it is convenient to highlight a few points:

  • The subject of a regression to past lives never loses consciousness, knows where he is and with whom he is speaking, although at the same time he is living situations of previous incarnations
  • At the same time that the voice of one who guides us in a regression is heard, the sounds of everyday life are heard
  • The subject is in the Alpha state, a modified state of consciousness, which occurs as a consequence of relaxation and within his mind can see images as if he were dreaming or imagining things as he does every day.
  • Depending on what is revived, you can feel emotions, but you do not suffer, or at least no more than what you suffer when you go to the cinema to see a drama film since the person knows that what is actually reviving is not really happening now. On the other hand, the emotions that the regressions generate are always healing.
  • Deep levels of hypnosis are not always used, because in order for the work to be really positive, the patient must be conscious
  • A regression to past lives is done by means of a relaxation with guided visualizations
  • You can use Alpha sound or relaxing music, but nothing else is required to condition the environment
  • The person may decide to end the exercise at any time
  • The therapist guides the person through their memories so that the subject is the one who finds the answers and the healing that he seeks
  • Not all sessions are equally revealing, but they serve as a basis for future sessions from which we will gain more understanding
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