Is Reincarnation Real? 3 Arguments For And Against It

Reincarnation is real
Reincarnation is real

Is Reincarnation Real? Many people believe reincarnation is real, though many times we see confusion between the concept of reincarnation and resurrection. So, in this article we will cover different points of view about the subject. Could reincarnation be real according to the Bible, to modern psychology and other thinkers?

Is Reincarnation real according to the Bible?


It is the belief that when someone dies, their soul can be incarnated in another being. According to Buddhism and Hinduism, depending on how you’ve carried yourself in your previous life, the punishment can lead to reincarnate in an animal or plant. According to New Era (New Age Religions), reincarnation serves to progress of the soul therefore it can never reincarnate in an animal.

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It is the belief that after death, in the end of time, one will be raised in the same body.

Is Reincarnation in the Bible?

Regardless of what anyone says about whether reincarnation is real or not, Christians believe in the Bible as the Word of God. Let’s see where reincarnation is in the Bible:

Is reincarnation real
Is reincarnation real

Well, the poor man died and was carried by angels to heaven along with Abraham. The rich man also died and was buried. Being in hell, in the midst of torment, he looked up and saw Abraham far off and Lazarus with him in his lap. Lk. 16,22-23

As you can see here there is no talk of any second chance for the wealthy. The rich according to his behavior received his punishment, as the poor received his reward.

Men die once, and after the trial comes to them; Heb. 9.27

Reincarnationist Biblical arguments

Although reincarnationists generally do not believe in the Bible as the Word of God, it is interesting to see that they sometimes use it at their convenience, to support their ideas. Here are 3 of their arguments:

First, John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah. Thus they interpreted Mt. 17.10 to 13:
The disciples asked: “Why say the scribes that Elijah must come first?” Jesus answered, “It is true that Elijah has to come to reorder all things But believe me… Elijah came already and you did not recognize him, but treated him as you wished. So too will suffer the Son of Man, then the disciples understood that Jesus was referring to John the Baptist. Mt 17.10 to 13

But it is false that Jesus is accepting that John is the reincarnation of the Prophet Elijah. What Jesus meant it is the same as the archangel Gabriel explains:
“And he will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous—to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”

In other words, the child will be born, not Elijah, but to fulfill its mission in the spirit and power of Elijah. Furthermore, when John the Baptist was asked if he was the prophet Elijah clearly denied it (Jn. 1:21). In the Transfiguration of Jesus (Mt. 17.1 to 13) we see that the apostles saw Jesus with Moses and Elijah, as John the Baptist had recently died, the question is why instead of Elijah they saw John the Baptist? What are they not the same? The answer is obvious: John the Baptist and Elijah are different people, only bounded by the same ministry.

Second: The Apostles believed that the man born blind was paying something he did in his previous life. They are based on the following:

In passing, he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jn. 9.1 to 2

Similarly to the above argument, it is a text manipulation. There is no proof that the Jews or apostles believed in reincarnation. But the question comes from the Jewish belief that when someone is born with a physical defect, it’s because they were going to commit a great sin and therefore God anticipated sending a punishment from birth. Hence the question to Jesus. Therefore, in this way it is understood his reply:

Is Reincarnation real
Is Reincarnation real

Jesus answered. “Neither this man nor his parents sinned,” said Jesus, “but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him.” Jn 1.3

Third, Jesus spoke to Nicodemus about reincarnation. This text is used:
Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” Jn 3.3 (RSV).

But this text is manipulated. It doesn’t say reincarnation is real, but as other translations of the Bible refers to being born from above, that is, through the Holy Spirit. By reading the text and its context it is better understood:
Jesus answered, “Truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again from above”. “How can someone be born when they are old?” Nicodemus asked. “Surely they cannot enter a second time into their mother’s womb to be born!” Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you: “They need to be born again from above.” Jn. 3.3 to 7

Therefore, there is no proof in the Bible, to make us believe that reincarnation is real. Now, we can move on to other sources to keep discussing about reincarnation.

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Is Reincarnation real according to modern psychology?

Through hypnotic regressions to what could be previous existences, Dr. Brian Weiss says that reincarnation is real and the life-death cycle life is part of a process of learning and healing.

In the mid-seventies Dr. Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist in Miami, received a patient identified only as Katherine. The woman suffered from multiple traumas, headaches and difficulties in breathing, many of them apparently psychosomatic (created by the mind). After dozens of hours of conventional therapy without success and unsuccessful psychoanalytic sessions, Weiss underwent a hypnotic test on Katherine but also with no results. When it seemed that the session would fail, Weiss asked Katherine, “I want you to go to the very moment where your problems began” and to his surprise, the patient said to have died during a flood that occurred thousands of years ago and that she had also lost a daughter.

Reincarnation is real
Reincarnation is real

Weiss had been formed within the rigid framework of modern psychiatry and also the Jewish faith, so this came against his convictions. But also some of the symptoms that the patient had before ceased during the session; having faced her problem, he reasoned Weiss, Katherine had realized that there was no reason to drag consequences from past life fears.

He continued to work with Katherine, with more surprises. His patient had lived in Spain as a prostitute and as a helpless child in England while in others lives she claimed to have been a man. The extraordinary thing was that in each regression, Katherine left behind several traumas who could not be solved by conventional psychiatry. Later, with Katherine under hypnosis, Weiss himself received “messages” from a teacher/guide who gave him detailed information about his father and his deceased son, facts that Katherine could not have known. “Your mission in life is to spread knowledge”, said one of the teachers.

When Weiss experienced a regression knew what the guide meant: he saw himself with a different face and physique and as a privileged character of the upper classes who nevertheless chose to withhold information without sharing it with others until the day of his death. His mission concluded the psychiatrist, was not to repeat the same mistake in this life.

That is the origin of “Many Lives Many Masters“, a book that alleges that reincarnation is real and, among other things, we often reincarnate with the same family and friends, with whom we have created strong ties and who we decided to learn with during our different lives.

Such books about reincarnation claim, should be real that humans can be reincarnated (and only in humans, explains Weiss; no patient ever said to have been a dog, mouse or insect), many questions apparently would be solved concerning the mystery of life: The unpleasant feeling we get from someone we just met, or the opposite feeling, that we know someone for years but really have not spent even one hour with them, does this mean maybe we had a relationship with them in a previous life and are able to detect this in a present life?

Western religions reject the concept of reincarnation and claim that one life is enough to be saved and go to heaven or be condemned and end up in hell. According to Weiss, both Christianity and Judaism believed in reincarnation originally but when Emperor Constantine was converted during a council, he declared as heresy the whole concept of reincarnation. According to the author, the aim was more political than religious: by giving only one opportunity to man, the clergy acquired enormous power because without earthly intervention, the clerical bureaucracy would have been little more than an ornament.

As for Judaism, Weiss says that even in the early nineteenth century there were branches that accepted reincarnation as real, and notes that it is such an old concept in Asia, that Buddhism never walked away from its belief in reincarnation.

Cycles and Karma

Could reincarnation be real
Could reincarnation be real?

Weiss says that everything in life are cycles as a part of the natural law, and if death is a fact of nature, therefore it is rebirth. The energy and knowledge that we accumulate in every life Weiss calls karma, a concept widely accepted in India, Tibet and other Asian cultures. Karma, explained succinctly, would become the compensation from a previous life to the next, that is, if in the past the individual was a murderer in this life they will assume the role of a victim or be persecuted, or if someone accumulated enough knowledge in life, they will enjoy the opportunity to disseminate it in their next incarnation. It depends if the person fulfills their karma, that within what is called free will, or the ability, unique and exclusive, for us to make the final decision, even if it threatens our integrity.

Karma is not a punishment, as commonly believed, Weiss added. It is a law of cause and effect that applies to everything that happens in our lives.

Skeptics also question the idea of reincarnation from different angles. They point out that Katherine experienced the healing after the sessions, far from corresponding to a past life, channeling subconscious self-suggestion to “make up” this life and thus focus the disappearance of psychosomatic illness. “If you feel sick your body has the ability to adapt to that idea, and if you visualize yourself as a healthy person, you will feel better”; the details of these alleged past lives were surely read by the patient, seen in movies or acquired perhaps unconsciously so it is difficult to remember when not in hypnosis, and also, why until today has not emerged a reincarnation of someone famous, such as Mozart, Marie Curie or Marilyn Monroe and of which there is abundant information that could be supported more effectively?

For Weiss, skepticism was the basis to elaborate more on the issue and learn from it. “If I had not been so incredulous about reincarnation,” he said in an interview, “I would never have completed my book.” As a psychiatrist, he adds, all these questions flashed through his mind before writing Many Lives, and to all he believes to have answered:

“Many of my patients do not know each other but all have revised their past lives identically and regardless of their religious convictions. He has had patients who openly rejected reincarnation,” said Weiss in one of his books, “but accept treatment after conventional techniques failed.” On the “subconscious conditioning” (the desire to believe that something is real even if it never happened) was also addressed by Weiss: “The patient would need to have a very fertile imagination to invent these stories, there have been times when we review the life several times and the sequence of events does not change or alter (…) I am, and not the patient, who takes notes.”

Is reincarnation real?
Is reincarnation real?

Regarding the possibility that it is only a psychosomatic issue, Weiss says: “Many phobias and fears cannot be solved if we inquire only in this life, so that if there is a psychosomatic ailment, when reviewing this life we would have found the time this defense mechanism was ‘fired’. But the moment the patient enters their mind and moves on to another life, accepts the fact, digests and is able to enrich their present life. ”

So, if a patient suffers severe headaches they may find that in another life they suffered a blow to the head that killed them, or perhaps a stroke, and someone who is afraid of water may have perished by drowning, and so on. By detecting the source of their problem, then the patient can leave behind the trauma and incidentally add a karmic burden in their favor.

Weiss ends: “The spiritual learning is not limited to this planet. There are many levels and each of them is like a classroom, what happens is that the Earth is a very popular classroom”.

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Finally, if reincarnation is real, what is the aim of it?

The purification of the spirit through learning and living, said Weiss in seminars offered throughout the year. The questions are recurrent: is there a danger of someone getting “stuck” in a previous life? No: as a memory of when we were 12 years old, it is impossible to go back to that stage. Am I not invent things? Dr. Weiss has developed techniques to detect if it’s all an invention or if indeed the patient is in trance. If my death was violent, will I feel the same again? The facts can be seen from an external perspective, as in a movie.

And contrary to what people believe, says Weiss, death itself, by violent it was, is not painful; It is the feeling of anguish and the onset of pain which often torments. Is it possible to change the past in a regression? The purpose of a meeting is to review regressive lives, not to change course; what we did or failed to do was the result of our free will. However, what happened in that life cannot be modified in a session. Let’s see some more opinions on the subject and try to find out for ourselves if reincarnation is real or just imagination.

Is Reincarnation real, according to independent thinkers?

Reincarnation is it real?
Reincarnation is it real?

At death we must let go of all that attaches us physically, our identity, our culture or nationality, our beliefs, our gender, our material possessions, our ego, all those layers of programs that in our lifetime made our true being hidden, flowing through the consciousness. Once you say goodbye to all that and you realize what you really are and what really important things you take with you, you drop that ballast and are ready for the departure. It may be displayed before you this dark tunnel and its yellow or orange light at the end of the it. Peace and lightness you feel are only the consequence of not having to feel through such a thick and heavy body as the one you leave behind. These moments of relative confusion can make us believe that peace so palpable is in the middle towards which we move, but it is not. It is the fruit of reconciliation and encounter with yourself, you are love and in those moments you feel free.

At the end of the tunnel, you are waiting for an entity that is presented as someone you know, your father, your mother, a relative or just a being of light, it is only a projection that this being takes from your mind or adopts from your beliefs, that is not your father or your mother and of course even less a being of light. This avatar waiting on the threshold trying to convince you to go with him, will tell you that the journey can be hard and that he will help in that trance, you are going home and everyone is expecting you there. This situation appeals you so that through your free will finally you will choose that option, but we are actually being tempted to choose the wrong option and if we decide voluntarily to choose this option, as usual, we end up confused and deceived. A big farce, in which our only defense is our will, that is our best weapon and our ally, our will is sacred and if we refuse to go, this trap does not function.

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If within our unconsciousness we are convinced and choose to follow this false being and cross the threshold of the tunnel, that entity will join us and we will be scheduled for a period, by which we will be mentally conditioned, we stop in an idyllic setting, a virtual simulation of a hypothetical paradise, where we will be waiting until our reentry. While waiting immersed in the simulation which is nothing more than a mind control operation, we are being milked, the energy emanating from our souls will be drawn to serve as food for these insatiable parasite entities. Having exhausted your stay there (about half a month to a few years depending on the case), you will be conditioned so you can choose an option to reincarnate, to solve your karmic accounts, pay off your debts, which are all supposed to have. We are said that this is our best option. Once again convinced we choose, we proceed to get our memory erased, which is also known as the veil, and into our new vehicle, right in the first moments when labor starts. This entry of the soul into the fetus, will be the signal that the time has come and that you are ready to be born again. A reincarnated being tricked to be stuck to infinity, as long as we continue to live in ignorance, full of useless beliefs and little clarity until the day we die.

Is reincarnation real?
Is reincarnation real?

Conversely, if we do not fall into this trap and we do not follow the path that leads to that light, if we ignore that being who is disguised as a loved one or an angel and tempts us to choose the wrong path, we will go to the real kingdom, our home where we really belong, where reincarnation is a real option, a decision where within your sacred freedom, you choose to help your brothers at a particular time, not as a constant wheel of samsara in which you are cleaning your karma to infinity, this is only a belief and not a reality. There is no guilt, there is no judgment, you are a free and innocent being, since you are born until you die and come back, it’s just an option that is chosen by love, not scores.

The time to go home and avoid the trap, once we disembodied, is a period of a few hours in which you are aware, you become aware of your situation and your attachments, and you say goodbye and take off the suit, you leave behind most of that character that for a while you incarnated. Once this timeframe that is about two days is over, your consciousness immediately transports you to where it belongs, literally shows up at the gates of the kingdom which is your true home and there you will find all beings related to you. There you are free to decide whether to embody the experience of love as a pure exercise, as something altruistic and a selfless gesture toward your brothers who need your help. No outstanding balance, karma is only the consequence of not healing properly when transiting between lives, because of that system of unnatural trap, in which you change your body but the soul continues to accumulate experiences like it were a very same embodiment, so all our decisions and past experiences of one life account to another life. The previous incarnation has not healed, has not been released and reincarnates unnaturally with a simple erasure of memory, which in the subconscious of the newborn begins to emerge gradually, not being death a full stop.

Evading the trap is not only simple, but it is natural, death is a process in which your whole being returns to its rightful place by pure attraction. The trap was set to ensure a steady number of souls within the hologram. Those who designed this system, cut both the capacity and the physical life of the Self, they risked starving so they were responsible for diverting the flow through wrong beliefs and fear, to ensure a perpetual population farm, a mechanism that prevents defections and that only works within the first few hours post mortem, once passed that time, the soul returns home. We just have to reach that trance lucid enough to not stay glued to this reality, and enter the false light.

Now that we finally have the basic information and detail to know what to face, it is time to stop stumbling over the same stone again and again, to continue to maintain, sustain these false gods parasites. And go home to die naturally is our true mission, to stand, to cleanse us from all lived and embody our own free decision. This is only an option itself if taken freely and voluntarily, a great gesture of love. There is a way out and actually many leave, the hologram is starting to show signs of fatigue, its disappearance will be a reality in a few years and everything will be discussed here only as a curiosity, an anecdote in our eternal and infinite existence.

This concludes our article on the question Is reincarnation real? Keep reading this website to learn more about reincarnation and life after death.

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