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4 thoughts on “History Of Reincarnation: The Ancient And Original Beliefs Revealed

    • November 23, 2020 at 9:08 am
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      Talking about reincarnation , in the way explained here without the knowledge that before we incarnate as humans , millions of earth years of evolution since each Divine spark was born . On earth the experience starts no individually but collectible .mineral, plants, animals the different realms in nature , until at the end of this process became a human with free will Not only we have experience life in this for spiritual reasons we gave experience life in other planets, and the Earth is one of the less evolve in this part of the universe.
      I am sorry about my explanation, it is difficult for me to explained it Many times a Messias came to bring spiritual knowledge , they sacrificed their freedom descended to Earth from their Plane of existence to help humanity The last Messias was JesusCrist, before from the same Plane were Budda, Kryshna, Moses and others from ancient times

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