Life After Death True Stories

Life after death true stories
Life after death true stories

Life After Death True Stories. According to several studies, an average of 4% of the population have experienced what we call a near-death experience. Some recall immersing in a tunnel, encounters with beings of light or missing relatives, feelings of infinite love… More and more people are starting to share their life after death experiences, without fear of “what people might say”. In this article we will explore several life after death true stories to learn more about what happens when we die. Feel free to comment and share your own real experiences.

Life After Death True Stories

In 2003, Nicole Canivenq was driving her car when she crashed into a tree. “I found myself directly in another place,” she recalls. Then she tells that “sky was below and earth was above”. She then tried to get back into a position and found that she was not “in her body” anymore. There are numerous testimonies of this kind of disembodiment. For a few moments, people observe their bodies on an operating table or in a car accident… and are able, despite a state of clinical death or apparent unconsciousness, to see and hear everything that’s going on around them right before entering into another reality.

The encounter with beings of light

At a conference organized by INREES, Nicole Canivenq told her story of life after death. She found herself in “a very green grass meadow,” and that was where she met these beings of light. “They were very white. They had a human-like way, but at the same time did not really have any faces, arms or legs. I felt an extraordinary love. It is not easy to talk about that kind of love. It was more like a vibration of love. These beings were animated by a great joy. Their laughter filled the entire space. It was like a reunion.”

This other reality is often associated with the hereafter, the existence of another form of life for those living in it arises many questions. Is there really an afterlife? Are these life after death stories real? Researchers have been collecting testimonies and stories of life after death all over the world, and then analyzing them to find a common ground. According to these studies, people who experience a near-death experience evoke a succession of stages: the tunnel, the light, the feeling of calm and peace, the reunion with their deceased loved ones and / or spiritual beings, the sense of being wrapped by an absolute love, the sight of beautiful landscapes, moments of life flashing before their eyes. Every experience is unique and does not necessarily include all these steps.

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An unconditional and infinite love

Life after death experiences stories
Life after death experiences stories

In 1968, 26 year-old, Nicole Dron felt that feeling of absolute love. She shares her experience in the INREES magazine No.9 .

Three weeks after the birth of her second child, she had two consecutive bleedings. While in the operating room, her heart stopped beating for 45 seconds, probably those moments had the most impact in her life. During this time, Nicole Dron also states to have left her physical body and seeing everything that was going on around her. After she found herself in “an abyss of darkness and silence.” Terrified, she decided to seek help. “In the distance I saw a light. From that moment, I was no longer alone in the world. Above everything else, a great joy in my heart rose a thousand times larger than all the joy I had felt on Earth. And I went back into the Light. There were no more words. I immersed myself in this ocean of love, I felt totally understood, overwhelmed and loved as I was, and so far from the worries and agitations of this world! I had no awareness of time and space, but of being what I was always meant to be. I realized that I was part of that light, I was eternal.”

Feelings of peace and fulfillment

Life after death true stories
Life after death true stories

And while death usually provokes fear, what we find expressed more often in the testimonies is the sense of peace and fulfillment. After being hospitalized and operated because of a mistake during a medical examination, Father Patrice Gourrier felt he was dying. “I really saw myself lying in a boat with the edges very flat, from where I could see the surface of the water. There was a light mist over the water and then I saw a black shadow pulling the rope. I was aware that I was dying. It was very quiet in there. I felt a sense of calm, that I never again experienced. Only when I remember that moment, I relive that moment of tranquility. And I walked slowly, very slowly, towards a very bright white light.”

Panoramic view of the past

Some people claim to have seen scenes from their lives, as if it were an opportunity to understand things, then live according to these understandings once they had returned to life. “I saw my life flashing backwards, starting from my 26 years at the time, until the moment I was born,” says Nicole Dron. “Around me, there was a being of light. He asked, “Have you loved? What did you do for others?” I immediately felt the demand in this question. It was disturbing, because during the course of this flashbacks, part of me was reliving every situation with all the emotions that accompanied them; and the other part of me, which was not affected at all by emotions, saw everything with enhanced wisdom, knowledge and love. When I had done an act of kindness, I was in the heart of the person who I had done well, and felt all the bliss in what I had done. It was the same in situations where I had been rude to others. I felt myself the pain I had inflicted on those people.”

Another look at death

Stories of life after death
Stories of life after death

The people who have experienced these life after death true stories prefer to turn them into something more precious and sacred, as a vision of death. Most people who have had these experiences say they are no longer afraid of death. Like Father Patrice Gourrier. He likes to say that he has done his “dress rehearsal” and explains: “I am really not afraid of dying because I know that, although there may be suffering at any given moment, it disappears and something else comes into place”. Moreover, he considers it a benefit for his role as a priest to have confronted death. “I have experienced the death of many loved ones. I realize that I’ve witnessed it all. This moment has prepared me to be longer afraid. ”

Situations or objects subsequently confirmed

Other testimonies reported cases of elements seen or heard during the near death experiences which were later verified, giving a hard time to skeptics, since it is simply impossible to rely on the hypothesis of hallucination. In 1949, at the age of twenty, Jean Morzelle was in the army. He was shot in the chest during an exercise. Feeling very weak, he was taken to the hospital, where he recalls falling into a black hole. He then woke up and found himself in an unknown room where someone was being operated, in this case, it was himself. “I was in the air, watching the procedure, very intrigued, anxious and curious to see what situation my body was in” recalls Morzelle, more than sixty years after the event. He wanted to be closer to the body and quickly realized that he could travel anywhere: “It was my thought that allowed me to move wherever I wanted to go.” Curious, he decided to fly around the hospital, making it through walls and windows, to his great surprise. Back to the room where the medical team was working, he focused on a metal plate on the operating table. Deeply affected by this experience, he returned to visit the surgeon a few months later and asked him about this plate. Initially skeptical, he decided to go himself to the same room and returned, “white as a sheet”, having confirmed the presence of the object. “This plate was under a veil covering the operating table,” sayd Jean Morzelle, still surprised that he could see it.

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More Recent Life After Death Stories

Life after death true stories
Life after death true stories

Often discredited, these stories of life after death challenge science and modern thinkers on the subject of consciousness. More recently, the testimony of Dr. Eben Alexander, a famous American neurosurgeon, changed the current view on these experiences.

“I was in a deep coma for a week in which I traveled to another dimension of the universe; a dimension that I could never ever dream that existed.” And so begins his first-person story of life after death the neurosurgeon at the University of Harvard, Eben Alexander. An experience that makes us believe in eternal life and he has gathered in a book called Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.

Alexander’s thesis has generated intense controversy in the United States after Newsweek published several excerpts from the text. This neurosurgeon says that before his experience, he had kept himself away from the Church and did not believe in life after death, but now claims to have irrefutable proof that he was wrong. Indeed, the debate that was opened centers on whether a personal experience can be considered scientific evidence or not. For the world’s foremost expert on these issues, the psychiatrist and philosopher Raymond Moody, without a doubt, “Dr. Eben Alexander is the living proof that there is life after death. It is one of the most amazing near death experiences I have heard in more than four decades studying these phenomena”.

The debate about eternal life is revived in the scientific community

Life after death stories
Life after death stories

The discussion on this topic is becoming a growing boom in the US, especially after the prestigious John Templeton Foundation donated five million dollars to the professor of philosophy at the University of Riverside, John Martin Fischer, to study in depth the life after death experiences stories. This is what has been called the Immortality Project. Many research papers in different fields have tried to address this issue before. One of the most important previous studies is the essay Near Death Experiences: Between Science And Prejudice, in which the authors, two Italian professors at the University of Padua, said that any reductionist interpretation of this phenomenon is often found wrong, as successive research has shown very different facts from each other. Medical orthodoxy often explains these cases as mere hallucinations caused by anoxia (lack of oxygen).

The echoes of this debate have already reached Europe thanks to cardiologist Pim van Lommel, who is investigating life after death experiences. “Thousands of people have undergone this kind of experiences, but not everyone talks about it out of fear of being regarded as lunatics or because they believe those are caused by either medications or the disease itself. Not everyone experiences the same, but there are some recurring experiences that meet at a space-time junction”, the doctor explained in a recent interview. The American surgeon is indeed one of those who tells about his “visit to heaven” with great detail, “an adventure that began at a spatial location, higher than the clouds. There were very different creatures that those here on Earth, birds and angels that were just higher forms of being.”

Alexander compares the loud sounds casted by these creatures as “glorious songs, which I later understood as cries of joy.” His trip came surrounded by millions of butterflies and a woman, in the manner of a guardian angel, who repeated three specific messages in an unknown but understandable language to the neurosurgeon in those moments: “You are loved and respected, will will always love you”,” You have nothing to fear” and “There is nothing you can do wrong.” This woman also promised to teach him many things about this new world, but he had to inevitably return to Earth.

From esotericism to quantum physics

“I know this is so extraordinary as incredible. Other doctors tell me that it is all in my mind, but it’s far from a hallucination because it was so real or even more than any previous life event” says Alexander. Medical orthodoxy often explains that these cases as mere hallucinations caused by anoxia (lack of oxygen). A thesis expert in life after death experiences, Pim van Lommel, calls into question because “if the cause was anoxia, everyone who comes to life after being near death would have this experience, but instead, only 18% of the people go through it”.Our death is only a change in consciousness, a transition.

Experiences that often completely change the philosophy of life of its protagonists. “Before my experience I was very skeptical towards life after death stories. Today I know they are real. Throughout my career of over 30 years I claimed, like most of my colleagues, that the brain generates consciousness and we live in a universe devoid of any emotion. However, what has happened to me changed all my beliefs and theories, so I have the intention of spending the rest of my life researching the true nature of consciousness” states the neurosurgeon. A position that increasingly more medical researchers adopt.

Van Lommel has concluded, after analyzing hundreds of patients with after death experiences, that consciousness “is nothing but a re-transmitter for this dimension of our being. It is like a radio that while we live here, tunes in with the universe.” Our death, states the researcher, is only a change in consciousness, a transition because “we die in a dimension to move to another”. A remote theory of mysticism that unbeliever cardiologists defend in terms of quantum physics. The case of Eben Alexander is not an isolated event. More and more scientists who support the theories on near-death experiences based on the access of the self into other dimensions in addition to the testimonies of thousands of people with near death experiences. The debate has only just begun.

Source: Témoignages de personnes revenues… de la mort

Life After Death Experience (NDE) with Steve Gardipee, Vietnam War Story

More Life After Death Stories

Pam’s story spread some years ago through a documentary show on a cable channel. It was a remarkable fact whose main value was that the entire process was controlled by very stringent monitoring of the medical conditions.

It is known that many people have survived after spending some time lifeless. That is, not breathing and no brain activity whatsoever. After this experiences, some of them have reported seeing their own body from above, listening to everything going on around them and perceiving a highly pleasurable sensation of fullness, peace and happiness. Others say they saw a tunnel and eventually felt compelled to go across to meet spiritual beings or deceased relatives. Those who have returned have done so because their time of death had not yet come and although the desire to stay there was often intense, these entities convinced them to return to their bodies.

Pam was a healthy woman who suddenly was diagnosed with an apparently inoperable and very serious case of cerebral aneurysm. She had to move to another country, where she found a surgeon who dared to do such operations with some degree of hope.

Life after death true stories
Life after death true stories

In the operating room, Pam was anesthetized, her eyes were covered and her ears were plugged; and her body was cooled down to a very low temperature to prevent brain damage. Doctors had to lead her brain into clinical death, making her breathing stop and keeping no brain activity for two hours in order to reach the aneurysm. To access this place, the doctors used a power tool to drill the skull bone.

The first thing Pam heard was that sound, despite being deeply anesthetized, and then saw herself sitting on the shoulders of the surgeon watching. She felt an indescribable absolute feeling of peace and well-being as she looked curiously at the doctors and their instruments; and she could even hear their dialogue when at one point they had to make a change in the procedure.

Later she saw a light and felt compelled to go towards it. She could see a group of people and heard her grandmother calling her. She recognized an uncle who had died young, he had taught her to play guitar as a child.

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Those same people, some unknown to her, reminded her that she had to go back, but she refused to leave such a pleasant place. She asked if the light was God and they said no, the light was produced when God breathed.

Her uncle said he would help her return, and when she found herself again in the operating room, with a gentle push he forced her back into her body. Pam operation was a success. Doctors listened attentively to her after death experience and found that her detailed descriptions of the operating room layout, the shape of the instruments used, where they were kept, and the dialogue between them was fully in line with reality despite she had been unconscious the whole time.

From that moment her life changed, she now lives intensely every minute of her life without fear, selfless material goods and blesses her illness, which gave her the opportunity to see beyond life.

Some researchers, specialists in anesthesia, in collaboration with the mathematical physicist Penrose, explain this phenomenon from quantum physics. The brain in a neuronal level behaves as microchips terminals of a computer, processing information related to the whole. If life stops, the information is not lost, it expands to other quantum entanglement fields.

Each person belongs to a field related to the whole. For example, if you have an amputation, the missing limb field remains intact, and proof of this is the phantom limb pains that remain as if the limbs were still there. When a person dies the field remains, which is more than just the body, it is mind and consciousness.

This concludes our article on Life after death true stories. Keep reading this website to learn more about reincarnation and life after death.

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