Reincarnation Studies And What They Found

Reincarnation studies
Reincarnation studies

Reincarnation Studies. We spend our lives fearing death without even knowing why. Maybe we should stop for a moment and think: Is it possible that death does not really exist, that the soul reincarnates again and again from one body to another as some reincarnation studies had tried to prove? In this article we will refer to those reincarnation studies, made during the last centuries by different professionals of many fields and parts of the world.

Reincarnation Studies

The Tibetan Book of the Dead teaches a variety of techniques, including breathing, visualizations and mantras to address the journey of death and not return to life. In the same way that some people describe visions of light in near-death experiences, The Tibetan Book of the Dead or Bardo Thodol speaks of Radiant Light, which the traveler, or psychonaut, must follow to not return to the wheel karma and delusion of thoughts, the ego. An edition of this book had an introduction by Carl Jung, in which he mentioned the response of a monk to the problem that there was no evidence of reincarnation since no one had returned from the dead. To this the monk answered quietly: “On the contrary, everyone has returned from the dead”.

Canadian biochemist and professor of psychiatry Ian Stevenson dedicated much of his life to science, and especially to reincarnation studies. For more than 40 years Stevenson studied more than 3000 cases of children who seemed to recall experiences of past lives, documenting what they said and comparing data with the lives of people who they claimed to have been.

Reincarnation studies
Reincarnation studies

Stevenson, a friend of the English writer Aldous Huxley was one of the first scientists to experiment with LSD in the 50s, an experience that changed his life. In 1957 he was appointed Director of the School of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, one of the few universities that perform paranormal studies. In 1967, inventor Charles Carlson donated a million dollars to the University of Virginia and another million to Stevenson to fund reincarnation studies and research.

Unlike those who use hypnosis as a method of obtaining information on alleged past lives, Stevenson based his studies in children from 2 to 4 years old who apparently could remember episodes from their past lives and provide data that could be checked. Many cases of Stevenson seem to be present a violent death. In several cases he collected testimony and medical records related to birthmarks and birth defects that appeared to correspond to the type of death described by children and reported in autopsies of the people who they claimed to be.

According to Stevenson, between the age of 5 and 7, children begin to lose the memory of their past lives. One of the most interesting cases is that of the girl Swarnlata Mishra, born in Pradesh, India, in 1948. Three-year-old Swarnlata had already given her family certain information that made possible the identification of her past family. This took place while going on a trip with his father to the village of Katni, where she suggested they could have a “good tea at her home.”

The extraordinary thing about this case is that the memories of Swarnlata did not dissolve over time. In 1959 Professor Sri H. N. Banerjee, a colleague of Stevenson, took the case and was able to find, from the information given by the girl, the house in Katni where Biya Pathak had lived, the woman who, according to Swarnlata, she had been in her previous life, and who died in 1938.

A few days later, Swarnlata was taken to her old house to meet her past family, who she immediately recognized and even revealed them secrets, such as telling her ex husband Sri Pandey, where she had hidden a box with 1200 rupees, or the fact that she had gold teeth. In his reincarnation studies, Stevenson described the astonishment of all the people involved and the maternal attitude Swarnlata had towards their past life sons, calling them by their nicknames of affection.

According to Stevenson’s colleague and successor of his studies, Peter Ramster, the most striking case is that of an Australian girl, Gwen McDonald, who claimed to have been Rose Duncan, a woman of Somerset, England, who lived during the end of the eighteenth century. According to Ramster, she described several locations of homes that no longer exist, towns and people that after extensive research were proved to be real. This case was reviewed by Dr. Basil Cottle of Bristol University.

There seem to be hundreds of cases like this, one of the latest is disclosed in the following documentary by ABC, in which an American child with a strange fondness for warplanes reveals to his incredulous parents some very reliable data of a pilot who died fighting in World War II.

Video: Reincarnation- past life evidence


Although all the evidence collected throughout his life made Ian Stevenson firmly believe in the reality of reincarnation or transmigration, he could never make a convincing theory of how the transfer of a personality happens to another body. At least not scientifically. His colleague at the University of Virginia argue that since the act of observing the wave function collapses, it could be that consciousness is not just a by-product of the physical brain but a separate entity in the universe that can assimilate a body and thus exist after brain death. They use the analogy of a television, which is required to decode a signal but does not produce the signal, in the same way the brain could be only the tuner of consciousness.

Reincarnation studies
Reincarnation studies

The belief in the transmigration of souls, or metempsychosis, using the Greek term, is part of the history of human thought, from Hinduism and most of Eastern religions to even early Christianity (Justinian had to abolish the belief in reincarnation in 549). Great minds of humanity have argued the existence of reincarnation: Pythagoras famously recognized a friend in a dog; Plato in “The Republic” stated that the unborn souls choose their future life; German philosopher Schopenhauer was influenced by the Vedas and made a dual vision between the Will (the real world) and the Representation (the illusion) through reincarnation; Psychologist Carl Jung speaks in his book “Memories, Dreams, Reflections” that in his childhood he could remember being a very old man of the eighteenth century.

But the established science and most of society seems to avoid reincarnation studies, whether or not there is enough evidence, many scientists seems to prefer not to inquire. The English writer Alan Watts talks about this: according to him, we live in a society in which one of the greatest forms of control that the state has is the fear of death of their citizens, if there is no fear of death, or of the unknown, there is no where to hang on. “The art of government is to fill the void beyond death with unspecified threats to control people saying ‘if you don’t do what I say I’ll kill you, or you’ll kill yourself’, and while we are afraid of that and think of death in this way, we can be controlled.” But what happens when we are no longer afraid of death, when we know the unknown?

“We are taught at a young age in this Judeo-Christian society that reincarnation does not exist. But once you see this on a child and the evidence is quite convincing, you have to open your mind to another explanation for what is happening.
When we are so young we have not had the cultural conditioning to cover these experiences in life, so memories can emerge more easily. These memories tend to fade from the ages 5-7 years.”
Carol Bowman

Unfortunately, the results of this important reincarnation studies and research as conducted by Dr. Stevenson remain buried so that people do not know them.

“The brain is not the producer and host of consciousness as we think, but the receiver of consciousness, it acts as a transmitter. Memory and memories reside outside the brain, in what we call spirit. The brain remembers past lives when the spirit transmits”.
Dr. Van Lommel

Reincarnation Study Cases


In some parts of Asia, when a person dies, their relatives put a mark on the body using soot, often with the hope that the soul will be reincarnated in the same family. It is said that the brand transforms into a birthmark on a baby to be born later. The Journal of Scientific Exploration mentions several cases of babies born with spots corresponding to the marks on the bodies of their dead relatives, among them is the case of a Burmese baby, who also at the age of two started to call his grandmother the same nicknames her late husband used to call her.

Baby born with bullet marks

Reincarnation studies
Reincarnation studies

Ian Stevenson focused on the study of birth defects formed by unknown causes. One such case was that of a Turkish baby who apparently had traces having been a man killed by a gun shot in the right side of the head. The child was born with a deformed ear and facial underdevelopment in his right side, defects usually recorded as one in 6,000 and one in 3,500 respectively.

Patient ‘killed’ her son and then ‘married’ him

Brian Weiss, a psychiatrist in Miami dedicated to reincarnation studies, described in one of his books the case of a patient named Diane, who when subjected to hypnosis recalled herself as a young American settler during the conflict with the natives. She told that she was hiding with her baby after a persecution of indigenous people, when his son drowned by accident, as she tried to cover his mouth so the cries would not betray them. Months after the hypnosis, Diane, who works as a nurse, fell in love with a patient who suffered asthma attacks and who turned out to have the same birthmark shaped crescent her baby had in the past life. Dr. Weiss says he knows several people with asthma who have memories of drowning in previous lives.

Reincarnated with the same handwriting

Taranjit Singh was an Indian child who claimed since he was two years old that his real name was Satnam Singh, son of Jeet Singh, and that he was born in another village about 60 kilometers from his home. He said he was a student of ninth grade when he died in a car accident, and had 30 rupees in his portfolio and books that were then stained with his blood.

On hearing this strange story, his father Ranjit found that in the mentioned village, a teenager named Satnam Singh had died after being hit by a motorcyclist. Ranjit met his family, who confirmed the details mentioned by Taranjit. The kid also correctly identified Satnam Singh in old family photos.

The forensic expert Vikram Raj Chauhan compared the writing in the notebooks with that of Satnam Taranjit and found them strangely similar.

Born talking Swedish

Professor Stevenson studied a 37-year-old woman, who underwent parapsychological regression and started speaking Swedish. The woman said she was a Swedish citizen named Jensen Jacoby. Her vocabulary contained nearly 100 words, but experts confirmed it as a Swedish accent and her speech as mixed with Norwegian. Interviews with relatives of the woman confirmed she had not learned any Scandinavian language.

Memories of monasteries

Reincarnation studies
Reincarnation studies

Californian psychiatrist Adrian Finkelstein told in his book ‘Your Past Lives And The Healing Process’ the story of a boy named Robin Hull, who spoke in a language unknown to her mother. A professor of Asian languages ​​identified it as a dialect spoken in the northern region of Tibet.

Robin, a preschooler, said to have studied for many years in a monastery where he learned the language. The story of the boy took the teacher to travel to Tibet, where he found the monastery described by Robin in the Kunlun Mountains.

Japanese soldier burns

Other reincarnation studies by Ian Stevenson include a Burmese girl, Ma Win Tar, born in 1962 who since the age of three became identified with a Japanese soldier captured by the Burmese, tied to a tree and burned alive.

The girl had congenital defects in both hands: her middle and ring finger of the right hand were intertwined and freely attached to the remainder of the hand. She was missing several fingers and constriction rings. Her wrist had similar marks to those left by a burnt rope.

Scars of his brother

Kevin Christenson died of cancer at the age of two in 1979. A broken leg had caused metastases and chemotherapy was performed through an incision on the right side of his neck. A tumor had caused his left eye to protrude and a nodule on his right ear.

Twelve years later, Kevin’s mother, who had divorced and remarried, gave birth to Patrick, who showed similarities to his deceased brother from his birth. He had something similar to an incision on the right side of his neck, where the cannula had entered the body of Kevin.

What is even stranger, he had a nodule in the same place where Kevin had it. Like his brother, Patrick had a problem with his left eye, which later was found to be corneal leucoma.

Like father like grandson

John McConnell was fatally shot six times in 1992. His daughter Doreen gave birth to a son, William, five years after. The doctors diagnosed him with pulmonary atresia, a congenital malformation of the pulmonary valve that prevents blood to be pumped into the lungs to be oxygenated. William condition improved after a series of surgeries and treatment. The amazing thing is that the pathology of William reflected the damage that his grandfather suffered, who had received a bullet in his back, piercing his left lung and the main pulmonary artery of his heart.

One day after misbehaving, William told his mother: “When you were a kid and I was your father, you behaved badly from time to time, but I never hit you.”

This concludes our article on reincarnation studies. Keep reading this website to find out more about rebirth and the afterlife. Share this knowledge with your contacts and spread the word.

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