Stages of Reincarnation

Stages of reincarnation
Stages of reincarnation

Stages of Reincarnation. Once we have made mention of the most important circumstances surrounding the reincarnation process and condition of the spirit, we will describe, in general, the most significant stages of reincarnation and the details of this process. To do so, we will use the work of spiritual author André Luiz, “Missionaries of Light”. His work represents a general model within the evolutionary level where most of humanity is today.

But before going into the stages of reincarnation, we must take note of the following: not only the spiritual being that has begun to awaken its qualities acquires ability to influence its reincarnation, but if their motivations are high and their plan life needs it, spiritual friends and instructors that deal with these tasks, will help in the different steps that will lead them to its manifest in the physical plane.

Let us now see what those stages are:

The Stages of Reincarnation

Stages of reincarnation
Stages of reincarnation

Stage1: Planning the incarnation

This stage is developed in the spiritual plane where the reincarnating individual alongside with its mentors will plan its future incarnation. What is planned are only large bids of existence, those which can really influence the creature’s fate.

Marriage, children, profession, the average length of life on earth and the main karmic diseases are in this well-defined phase. Details of the most important future body can be determined in this period. These are the chromosome maps, described by the author, that translate the genetic inheritance of the father and mother and that will determine the hereditary characteristics of the reincarnating soul.

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Stage 2: Fluidic contact with parents

This is the stage of reincarnation in which the reincarnating being gets in closer contact with its prospective parents, while preparing for the new existence. It is an important stage where the Spirit remains in direct fluidic connection process with its parents. As this approach intensifies , the reincarnating entity will gradually lose points of contact with the spiritual realm.

Stage 3: Connecting the Spirit to matter

a) Perispiritual reduction: the Spirit’s spiritual body is reduced, by a reduction in its intermolecular space. It loses its “psi matter”, and acquiring a small size, it will be attached to the mother’s genesic center. It is believed that the perispiritual reduction will be more intense the more involuted the reincarnating Spirit is.

b) Selection of sperm: Attached to the genetical center of the mother, the miniaturized reincarnating awaits intercourse to trigger the reincarnation itself.

After the explosion of sperm, released in sexual intercourse, one of them will be “chosen” and properly magnetized to win the race and reach the fallopian tube where the egg is.

This magnetization of the sperm that will win the race is often made by technicians of spirituality that select the gamete that brings the appropriate genetic load, according to the chromosome maps, outlined above.

c) Fertilization: the male gamete, upon reaching the upper third of the fallopian tube, will find the egg and fertilize it. Right now, the reincarnating spirit which is adjusted to the genital tract, connects magnetically to the egg cell and can no longer be replaced by another Spirit.

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Stage 4: Fetus Training

Stages of reincarnation
Stages of reincarnation

This stage of reincarnation begins with fertilization and lasts until birth. This is the period of multiple cell divisions that will give rise to the embryo and soon after the fetus. The reincarnating being is at this stage creating, through its perisprit, a magnetic field that will act as a template where physical cells will be setting.

Like a bee hive that is being gradually filled, the spiritual body, a strong model, will act as a magnet between swarf giving consistence to the future physical body.

The first 21 days after fertilization are extremely important for the formation of the future body – time in which organs and systems are formed – and therefore, the spiritual assistance at this stage is very intense. Pregnant women can not be absent from the body, and visits are prohibited. After 21 days, the spiritual vigilance is less, but it nevertheless remains present until the end.

Stage 5: Adapting to Life

The reincarnation process, according to André Luiz, is not complete at birth, but only at 7 years of age, when there is full integration of the reincarnating being to the physical implements.

All of the above steps can be grouped into three major periods:

1) The Prefetal stage, in which the keyword would be Planning;

2) The Fetal stage, in which the keywords would be Biological Structuring.

3) The Postfetal stage, in which the keywords would be Completion of Biologic and Development Enabling Powers.
This concludes our article on the stages of reincarnation. Keep reading this website to learn more about reincarnation and past lives.

This concludes our article on the stages of reincarnation. Keep reading this website to learn more about reincarnation and past lives.

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