Reincarnated Souls Test: 8 Signs To Find Out If You Have Lived Before

Reincarnated souls
Reincarnated souls

Reincarnated souls are not hard to identify. In this article, you will learn how to find out if you have reincarnated and, in that case, if you are an old soul.

Every one hundred years, about fifteen billion people die. All of them disappear and are forgotten, except for those great men and women who left a mark in history. We keep in contact with them through memories, so that they remain alive within us in the form of thought. But where are they physically speaking? Where are today the saints and great citizens of the past?

Because every day there are more and more cases of reincarnated souls that come to light, mainly from stories that children tell, many experts, such as psychologists and psychiatrists who study these phenomena closely, agree that one of the main characteristics of people who have lived before is that at the age of three, they begin to clearly talk about their past lives.

Typically, the memories or behaviors of those who they were in a past life begin to disappear at age five, while in most cases the reincarnated soul lives again in younger family members, that is, a descendant of the deceased.

Reincarnated souls
Reincarnated souls

According to the reincarnation experts, the goal of reincarnation is the evolution of the soul, so that when we fully understand the meaning and purpose of our life, the cycle is finished and we stop returning to the material world.

Consequently, souls that have reincarnated many times, also known as old souls, have little time ahead, meaning that they will move to the next level in a short time, not to come back again to earth.

Maybe you have come across a reincarnated soul or you are one of them and you have not noticed or thought about it, so here is a list of the main traits of this type of souls:

Reincarnated Souls Test

1. Detachment from the material world

Reincarnated souls are not usually big self-gifters. Obtaining goods is not a priority for them, owning a luxurious car or having the latest cell phone is not what drives them since they have more important goals in life.

2. Rebel mind

Usually, they think or feel in a way that goes against the established order or system, but not in an aggressive way. This comes from seeking knowledge and truth, they always want to move forward and make a positive change.

3. Psychic or healing abilities

This might go unnoticed since people who have them don’t always know how to make use of them or use them without thinking about it. A reincarnated soul will always use their extrasensory abilities for good, while a younger soul who has these abilities will tend to use them in a selfish way.

4. They are strong leaders

Reincarnated souls are more aware of the importance of their existence, and they know that they come to this world to help, so they often try to make good decisions. Their life is an example for others to follow.

5. Spirituality

Old souls usually have a more spiritual way of seeing life, so their philosophy of life is very foreign to most people.

6. Problems of self-esteem

Reincarnated souls traits
Reincarnated souls traits

This is because they are more aware of their inner-self and the personality they chose for themselves, in addition to having more retrospective moments than the rest of the people, taking more account of the weight of their existence on this planet.

7. They do not always fit in

Reincarnated souls don’t always feel comfortable with their surroundings and cannot usually adapt to every place, they might even feel that they come from a different planet.

8. Maturity

Their way of behaving and thinking does not match their physiological age. Reincarnated children enjoy adult conversations more than talking to other children, and as adults, they have a more congruent and well-thought behavior, according to the situation.

Some people even claim that only reincarnated souls question whether they have actually reincarnated. What do you think? Do you think you’re an old so

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