Rebirth After Death: Reincarnation of the Spirit

Rebirth after death
Rebirth after death

A striking aspect of the experience of rebirth after death is that most of those who die and come back tell similar stories about what happened to them. Many, for example, leave their body and begin to spin, at first, on their bed or on the scene of the accident where they often see the attempts to resurrect them and hear exact conversations that can later be verified.

Some even roam the hospital for a while until they ask themselves, “now what?“. That question often generates a sense of movement and of entering what is always described in rebirth after death cases as a light tunnel. Others never spin after death; and enter immediately into the tunnel.

The tunnel sometimes leads to a waiting or resting area in a warm white light, where the person is submerged in an overwhelming sense of love and peace. Often the person is approached by dead relatives and friends that explain the situation; normally the individual feels as if he had gone home and refuses to return to the earthly plane.

However, at some point, those who go through the experience of rebirth after death have to go also through what is commonly called a “life review”. This is usually described as memories of our personal life flashing rapidly before our eyes. Later, many people tell they were given a choice to stay or return to life. Other people tells being specifically ordered to return back to Earth, usually with some sort of explanation. Almost always, those who go through the experience of rebirth after death get to see in a moment of clarity and vision what they have to do on Earth.

This experience greatly changes the life of a person. Most continue with a life of inspiration, devotion and love.

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The life review

Rebirth after death
Rebirth after death

The review of life is one of the most fascinating aspects of the experience of rebirth after death. In general, individuals recount seeing a projection before their eyes of all their life, not a movie but a holographic representation. They see everything in great detail and feel that their life is not to be judged by others, but by themselves. As if one’s conscience had expanded and linked to a larger divine intelligence.

From this place of higher understanding, individuals who go through the experience state that during the review process they understand what was wrong with the decisions they made and how they could have handled it better in specific situations.

The review is intensely painful and yet overwhelmingly joyful, as it happens. When you review an incident in which someone was hurt emotionally, you can really feel the pain experienced by the person, as if you were inside the other’s person body.

Conversely, in that moment we are also able to see and feel the joy and love we caused in others. Due to these deep feelings of empathy, most of those who have had an experience of rebirth after death return to existence with a strong determination not to repeat the same mistakes and maximize opportunities to help others. Every comment to another person, every interaction with a friend or relatives, every thought sent into the world upon someone else now gains a higher sense, because we now know that each of these actions will be revived and revised someday.

Apparently, at some level we always knew that there was going to be a life review. Who has not heard, for example, of someone who, after a brush with death, says: “I saw my whole life flash before my eyes”? Also, much of the literature and sacred scriptures dedicated to judgment after death speak of a life review of some sort. Now, however, we are bringing awareness to the details of that experience.

When we die we are judged, but apparently we are judged not by a vengeful god, but by a divine consciousness of which we are part.

Because this information is becoming more known, we can now slow down and all be more aware of the effect of our actions. That gives us a greater understanding of why we must always consciously help others. We can still have failures in our judgment, but we can also stop periodically and check what we are doing, indeed experiencing in advance a life review in our minds. We will find that this is the true repentance process.

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Spirit rebirth after death

The energy is neither created nor destroyed but is transformed

One thing we know for sure is that we are born and die, but the uncertainty of not knowing whether there is life after death can overwhelm and anguish us in the event of the death of a loved one.

“No one ever came back to tell,” goes a popular saying. Different religions give messages of encouragement to their followers telling them about a heaven, nirvana or “beyond” most accommodating and friendly that life on Earth for the righteous and terrible for the sinners. More severe religions keep the faithful in line under the fear of a life in hell for all eternity. Reality is that there is no greater torture than to live under the yoke of religious pressure to attain “perfection” on Earth while forcing an apparent reality that has nothing to do with the inner truth of ourselves.

The British healer and writer Rosemary Altea has defended her particular vision of rebirth after death worldwide, claiming that the spirit never dies, it changes appearance to continue learning in the different states that the soul experiences until its absolute merger with the Light. This is an approach that has always been defended by mystic people of all religions.

Rebirth after death
Rebirth after death

Through her books, interviews on television and her foundation RAHEF (The Rosemary Altea Healing and Educational Foundation), a charity set up in the United States and England, with patients internationally, Rosemary and her team have given new interpretation to the rebirth after death based on spiritual experiences in altered states of consciousness. They were able to prove through specific pieces of information that the deceased could only know, that they were having actual conversations with people living in different planes of existence.

In her book “The Eagle and the Rose,” Rosemary Altea explains with great simplicity and from a very human and logical perspective her process of learning to accept that she has an innate ability to communicate with the spirit world. On her website she explains that as a child she had the dreaded gift of having visions of people who had died, something that terrified her until as an adult could understand, with the help of therapists, what was really happening.

Rosemary began to have confidence in herself when she realized that as a medium she could put in contact thousands of people with their relatives, loved ones and friends in the spirit world, giving evidence of life in the hereafter. She has been active since 1980, all over the world, including a great deal of humanitarian work.

Dr. Brian Weiss, chief of psychiatry at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, also tells us in his book “Many Lives, Many Masters” the clinical experiences that changed his life completely. Under hypnosis, several of his patients could channel messages of wisdom and knowledge that gave new meaning to life and death. Something which seemed incomprehensible to usual his scientific approach, until it was his turn to experience it in person.

Another interesting version of the rebirth after death phenomenon is addressed in the movie “What Dreams May Come”. Robin Williams’ character travels to the underworld to find his deceased children and wife, arguing that every human being creates his own reality.

We are born alone and we die alone. Every human being will have to face individually the challenges posed by living and dying. The answers on the possible rebirth after death are full of doubts because most people have no evidence to confirm otherwise. However, family members who have managed to talk to their deceased loved ones through Rosemary Altea and her partners are likely to find hope and concrete messages confirming what their minds deny and their hearts crave.

Really wanting to believe in something more than this physical reality, can be so strong as to cause hallucinations, as many unbelievers may think. I choose to believe what was confirmed by the old traditions, to pay the two coins to cross the river Styx… where we are reborn and continue to learn to be more true to ourselves.

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Death and rebirth: Another point of view

Rebirth after death
Rebirth after death

Beliefs, ideals and opinions serve to get away from reality, to evade what is real. And far from our own reality it is impossible to act properly. Then we would sink into chaos and misery. It is important to find out how each one of us understands death and reincarnation, the truth of it, not what we like to believe, not what someone else has said or what some instructor has taught us about it. It is the truth that liberates, that breaks the chains and the constraints that bind us to the confusion, disorder and pain. It is the truth that sets us free, not our personal conclusion, but the our opinion itself.

We want to hear that there is no death and that we will live another life, but that there is no happiness or wisdom in that. The quest for immortality through reincarnation is essentially selfish; therefore, it is not appropriate. Our quest for immortality is just another form of desire to continue our self-defensive reactions against life, it is simply a desire that goes against intelligence. Such a desire can only lead to illusion. What matters, then, is not whether there is reincarnation, but to understand the fullness of realization in the present, whether we are aware and we act properly. And that can only be done if the mind and heart are no longer protecting themselves against Life. The mind is cunning and subtle in self-defense, and must discern by itself the illusory nature of self-protection. This means that one must think and act in a completely new way. You must get rid of the network of false values ​​that the environment has imposed. There must be a total internal nudity. Then there is immortality, the unknown reality.

To understand the question of rebirth after death we must free ourselves from fear, which is making up various theories of the afterlife or immortality or reincarnation. So it is generally said that there is reincarnation, there is rebirth, a constant renewal that goes on and on, and what remains is the soul, or what we call soul.

Although we have not seen it, we like to think that it exists, because it gives us pleasure, because it is something that we have placed beyond thought, beyond words. We conceive the soul as eternal, “spiritual,” which can never die, and then thought clings to that. But few people know for sure if there is such a thing as the soul, something that is beyond time and thought, something not invented by man, something that is beyond human nature, which has not been made by the cunning mind. When the mind sees that huge uncertainty, this confusion, it notices that there is nothing permanent in life, nothing. The relationship we have with our wives, our husbands, our children, our jobs, none of this is permanent. Then the mind creates something that is permanent, and calls it soul. But since the mind thinks about it, such a thing is still within the field of time and thought. It’s obvious. If I think of something, that’s part of my thinking. And my thinking is the result of time, experience, knowledge, and is always limited. So the soul is still within the field of time.

Rebirth after death
Rebirth after death

So the idea of ​​continuity of a soul reborn over and over again does not make sense, because it is the invention of a frightened mind, a mind that desires and seeks lasting through permanence, who longs for a certainty, because it brings hope. We fear death because we do not know how to live. If we knew how to live to the fullest we would not be afraid to die. If we loved the trees, the sun, the falling leaf, if we loved the birds; if we were attentive to the men and women who mourn, to the poor, if we really felt love in our hearts we would not fear death.

We do not live happily, we are not happy, we are not vitally sensitive to things, so we wonder what will happen when we die. Life is pain for us, and we are much more interested in death. We feel that perhaps there will be more happiness after death. But that is a tremendous problem, and it takes a lot of passion to investigate. At the end of the day, all of this is fear: fear of life, fear of death, fear of suffering. If you can not understand what is that gives rise to fear and suffering, since with their understanding they dissipate, it does not matter much if you are alive or dead.

If someone says: “I will be reborn” they have to know what is the “I”, the “self”. When we speak of a spiritual entity we are talking about something that is not within the realm of the mind. But the self is not a spiritual entity. If it was a spiritual entity it would be beyond all the time and, therefore, could not be reborn. Thought can not think about any spiritual entity, because thought is within the measure of time, thought comes from yesterday, memory is a continuous movement, the response of the past. So the thought is, in essence, a product of time. If thought can think about the self, it is a part of time; consequently, the self is not free from time and therefore it is not spiritual, which is obvious. So the “I” is just a thought process; and we want to know if that thought process, continuing apart from the physical body, is born again, if it is reincarnated in a physical form.

That which continues can not discover, in any way, reality, which is beyond time and measure. That “self”, that entity that is a thought process, may not be new. If it can not be fresh, new, then there must be a termination for thought. Anything that continues is inherently destructive, and that which has continuity can never be renewed. As long as thought continues through memory, desire, experience, it will never be renewed; consequently what is continuous can not know the real. One can be reborn a thousand times, but can never know reality, because only that which dies, which comes to an end, may encounter the unknown and be renewed.

There is renewal in dying. Only in death something new comes into being. With this knowledge we are not giving comfort, this is not something we can believe or think, or that we consider and accept intellectually, because then it would become another consolation, as we now believe in rebirth or continuity in the hereafter, etc. But the truth is that for that which continues, there is no rebirth, no renewal. Therefore, renewal, rebirth is to die everyday, from moment to moment. That’s immortality. In death there is immortality; not the death that frightens us, but in the death of the previous conclusions, memories, experiences, in the death of all that we have identified as the “self”. In the death of the self at every moment there is eternity, there is immortality, there is something to be experienced; it is not to speculate or be lectured about, as we do with reincarnation and all these kinds of things.

Reincarnation and rebirth
Reincarnation and rebirth

When one has no fear, because there is a dying every minute and, therefore, a renewal, then one is open to the unknown. Reality is the unknown. Death is also the unknown. But to say that death is beautiful, wonderful, because we will continue in the afterlife and all that nonsense, that lacks reality. It is suitably to see death as it is: an end, a final in which there is renewal, rebirth, not continuity. For that which continues deteriorates, and what has the power to renew itself is eternal.

We consider death as something other than Life. We created a border between life and death and without understanding life, we fear death. But in reality, there is no division between life and death, except in the illusion of the mind itself.

When we speak of life, we understand living as a continuous process with identification. Me and my house, me and my wife, me and my bank account, me and my banking experience… That’s what we mean by life. Living is for most of us a process of continuity in memory, both conscious and unconscious, with its various struggles, incidents, experiences, etc. All this is what we call life; and in opposition to that is death, which represents the end of it all. Once we’ve created the opposite of life, death, and since we fear it, we start to look for relationships between that and Life; We try to fill that gap with some explanation, with the belief in continuity, in the hereafter, and then we are satisfied. We believe in rebirth after death or some other form of continuity of thought and then try to establish a relationship between the known and the unknown. We seek to build a bridge between the known and the unknown, we try to find the relationship between past and future. That’s what we do when we research whether there is any relationship between life and death. We want to know how to connect living and dying. That’s our basic desire.

Living as it is now, it involves torture, continual disorder, contradiction; therefore, our life is conflict, confusion and misery. The daily commute to work, the repetition of pleasure, with its sorrows and anxiety, uncertainty, that’s what we call living. That kind of life we ​​have become accustomed. We accept it, we age and die with it.

To discover what is living and to discover what is dying, one must get in contact with death. That is, each day you must knock down everything you’ve known. You should put to rest the image that you have drawn about yourself, your family, relationships, the image formed in pleasure, your relationship to society, everything. That is what will happen when death occurs.

We can know the ending, which is death, as we live. If we can know what death is while we are alive, there will be no problem for us. Since we can not experience the unknown while we live, we are afraid. We are the result of the known and our struggle is to establish a relationship with the unknown, what we call death. But there can’t be a relationship between the past and something that the mind cannot conceive, that we call death.

We separate both things because our minds can only work in the realm of the known, of continuity. One knows himself only as a thinker, as an actor with certain memories of misery, of pleasure, of love, of affection, of different kinds. One knows himself only as an ongoing entity, because otherwise one would have no memory of himself, would have no memory of being something. Now when that something comes to an end, what we call death, fear of the unknown arises. We want therefore to overcome the anguish, the fear of death, draw the unknown into the known, and our whole effort is to give continuity to the unknown. That is, we do not want to know life, which includes death, but we want to know how to continue and not reach the end. We do not want to know about rebirth after death, but only how to continue without an end.

What remains does not know renewal. Nothing new, nothing creative can exist in what has continuity. Only when continuity ends there is a possibility that what is always new comes to manifest, arising out of our consciousness. But this ending is what gives us fear, and we fail to see that in the end there can renewal, creation, the unknown, not saving from one day to the other our experiences, our memories and misfortunes. Only when we die every day from the old, from the past, is when the new can emerge. The new can not exist where there is continuity, because the new is the creator, the unknown, the eternal, God or whatever you want to call it. Only by ending, by dying, you can reach the new. The man who tries to see the relationship between life and death, bridging the continuum and what he believes is beyond lives in a fictitious and unreal world that is a projection of himself, of his own mind .

Now, we can die in life, that is, being nothingness. We live in a world where everything is in flux, where everything is careerism and struggle for the superficial and quick success, and in such a world we must know death. We have to finish with all the memories, not the memory of the facts, the way home, how to repair a machine, etc. But with the internal attachment to the psychological security through memory, end with the memories that you have gathered and stored in seeking security, pleasure and happiness. We can put an end to all that, that is, die every day so that tomorrow there can be renewal. Only then we will know death in Life, and only in that process of dying, in putting an end to the continuity, there is renewal, that creation which is eternal.

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  1. I do fully agree that there is life after death means the man dies and if his ambitions, desires
    in this physical world are not fulfilled, he may choose one more life . How rebirth(reincarnation) happens scientifically is that, in our Soul, there is light, some subatomic particles called Lifetrons,
    thoughtrons etc., and these very minute and yet not invented by the science, moves in the ether
    freely after ones death and according to his Karmic condition(Universal law of action-cause-effect), he may choose to be born to certain parents etc., I am a Hindu and by religion itself, we do believe in
    rebirth and there are hundreds of known cases in the world so far. The main purpose of rebirth
    in the previous family is, to fulfill unfulfilled duties, and hidden ambitions/desires. This is what
    I h ave known by my serious study on reincarnation with the help of many books by dr.ian stevenson, dr.satwanth pasricha etc., etc.,

    1. I do not remember having a choice of who or where I was born.But after death did not see any light was in darkness endless seemed to be endless could move but no purpose all the same super endless the you feel warm again and for short time remember my life then it starts fading unable to talk and tell anyone. Wish I was one of those people who was a ruler or supper rich but not just mostly average except the way I die.

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