Is Reincarnation True? The Secrets Of Enlightenment

Is Reincarnation True
Is Reincarnation True?

Is reincarnation true? Life is like a movie, and is nothing more than a movie. Death is the return to the original starting point and the end of the film. When one has reached the end, winds their film and takes, as they say, “their business elsewhere”; is swallowed by eternity.

But when one comes back, when one returns, projects the film again, as it is; You cannot project a different movie, only your own; and you project it onto the screen of existence. Reincarnation is true, but let’s dive into how it really works, the truth about reincarnation.

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Is Reincarnation True?

The life of each of us, with all its seasons, is always the same life, repeating itself from existence to existence throughout innumerable centuries. Eternity engulfs those who leave this world, but eventually vomits them. Why would eternity want them there?

Time and time again we return to this world. Some may not be very pleased to come back, right? But we return. That’s the Law of Eternal Return of all things. Planets return to their starting point after a few years. The atoms within molecules return to their original starting point. Seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter, return again each year. Everything returns; Why should we be an exception?

When returning to a new physical vehicle, the Law of Karma comes to action, since there is no effect without a cause, nor a cause without effect.

Is Reincarnation True
Is Reincarnation True?

Symbolically, the Angels of Life are responsible for connecting the silver cord with the fertilizing spermatozoon. Unquestionably, many millions of zoosperms are released upon intercourse, but only one of them has enough power to be the first to penetrate the egg in order to make conception possible.

This strength of a special kind is not a product of chance or luck. What happens is that it is driven from within its intimate energetics by the Angel of Life that in such moments makes the connection with the Essence that returns. This is one of the truths of reincarnation.

Biologists know very well that the male and female gametes each carry 24 chromosomes; these added together give a total amount of 48, which comes to compose the germ cell.

The existence of the 48 chromosomes comes to remind us of the 48 laws that govern the physical body.

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Essence is to be thus connected with the germinal cell by the silver cord, and inasmuch as such a cell divides into two, two into four, and the four into eight, and so on as the process of fetal gestation begins, it is clear that sexual energy becomes the basic agent for such cell multiplication; this means that in any way the phenomenon of mitosis could be made without the presence of creative energy.

The disembodied, who is preparing to take a new physical body does not penetrate the fetus; it only comes back to life at the moment the child is born precisely at the time of the first hbreath.

It is interesting to note that with the last exhalation of the dying, the disembodiment comes, and with the first breath it returns into a new body. It is completely absurd to say that one voluntarily chooses the place where to be reborn. The truth of reincarnation in this stage is very different.

It is precisely the Lords of the Law, the Agents of Karma, who select for us the exact place, home, family, nation, etc., where we must reincorporate, return.

If the Ego could choose the site, place or family, etc., for its new reincorporation, then the ambitious, proud, covetous, greedy, would seek the palaces, houses of millionaires, rich mansions, beds of roses and feathers, and the world would be all riches and sumptuousness; there would be no poor, there would be no pain or bitterness, no one would pay Karma, we could all commit the worst crimes without the Celestial Justice keeping track.

The stark reality of the facts is that the ego has no right to choose the place or family where to be born; each of us has to pay what we owe; It is written that what you reap is what you sow; Law is law, and it has to be fulfilled. It is therefore very unfortunate that so many famous writers of contemporary spirituality affirm that everyone has the right to choose the place to be reborn.

If you came here wondering “is reincarnation true?” It certainly is, but what lies beyond the grave is something that only the awaken can understand, those who already have dissolved the Ego, those who are really aware.

In the world there are many different intellectual and logical approaches to the subject of reincarnation, some spiritualistic and some materialistic. The human reason is capable of many things and as such can create any sort of spiritualists or materialistic theories. Both in one as in the other, both the thesis and antithesis, have a rationale that is actually admirable. Unquestionably, reason with all its logical processes, is still too narrow and limited for other issues, because, as we said, it can justify and explain in a seemingly logical way the the thesis as the antithesis. It is not possible then that reason can truly know anything that there’s “beyond”, in this case, that which continues after death.

The truth about reincarnation
The truth about reincarnation

Immanuel Kant, the great German philosopher, demonstrated in his great work entitled “Critique of Pure Reason”, that reason itself cannot know anything about the truth of reincarnation, even about reality, about God. This is not just tossing a few ideas; what we are saying is well documented in history, as the above mentioned work of this philosopher. For this matter, we are going to rule out the reason as an element of ideal cognition for the discovery of the truth.

Once having filed the reasoning processes in this matter of metaphysical practice, we set from now a solid basis for verifying that which is beyond time, that which continues and that can not be destroyed with the death of the physical body. I am asserting something that I know, something I have experienced in the absence of reason. It is worth to remind the honorable reader that I remember all my previous lives.

In ancient times, before the submersion of the Atlantean continent, people had developed a certain Power of the Being, known by the name of “instinctive perception of cosmic truths”. After the submersion of that ancient continent, that precious faculty entered into the descending involutive cycle and was totally lost. It is possible to regenerate that faculty by dissolving the Ego. Achieving such purpose will let us verify for ourselves, self-consciously, the Law of Eternal Return of all things.

Speaking honestly and truthfully I can tell you this: the dead normally live in limbo, in the anteroom of Hell, in the region of the dead, an astral lower region, already described since ancient times by various cultures and traditions. It is unfortunate the state in which the dead wait for their reincarnation: they seem to sleepwalk, their consciousness are completely asleep, but they firmly believe they are alive and ignore their state of dead.

Truth about reincarnation
The truth about reincarnation

Reincarnation implies a reincarnating individuality, and if such individuality does not exist, then there is no such reincarnation. Although the pseudo-occultists texts affirm that the intellectual animal already reached individuality, this concept is as false as the other, which ensures that the human being has the authentic solar vehicles: Astral, Mental and Causal. The Ego is a set of different, diverse, not even connected entities; that’s no individuality. To say that those entities reincarnate is absurd. Better is to say that the pluralized self rejoins, it returns to this valley of tears.

The Bhagavad Gita, the holy book of Krishna, reads as follows:

“You were never born; you will never die. You have never changed; you can never change. Unborn, eternal, immutable, immemorial, you do not die when the body dies”.

These are two opposing verses from the great Avatar Krishna. If we did not know the key, we would obviously be confused.

“Upon leaving the body, taking the path of the fire, of the light, of the day, of the luminous lunar fortnight and of the northern solstice, those who know Brahma, go towards Brahma.
Upon death, the yogi who takes the path of smoke of the dark Lunar fortnight and of the southern solstice, reaches the Lunar sphere (the Astral World) and is then reborn (returns, reembodies).
These two paths, the luminous and the dark, are considered permanent. Through the first, one is emancipated, and through the second, one is reborn (returns).”

We declare that the Being, the Lord incarnated in some perfect creature, can return, reincarnate…

“When the Lord (the Being) acquires a body, or leaves it, He associates with the six senses, or abandons them and passes like the breeze which carries with it the scent of flowers.
Directing the ears, the eyes, the organs of touch, taste and smell as well as the mind, He experiences the objects of the senses.
The ignorant and deluded do not see Him when He takes a body, when He leaves it or has experiences associated with the Gunas. Whereas, those who have the eyes of wisdom do see Him.”

The following verse of Lord Krishna, as an extraordinary document on the doctrine of reincarnation, is worth meditating on.

“Oh, Bharata! Every time that religion deteriorates and irreligion prevails, I incarnate anew (in other words I reincarnate) to protect the good, destroy evil and establish religion, I incarnate (or reincarnate) in different times.”

From all these verses of Lord Krishna, two conclusions can be logically drawn:

  1. Those who know Brahma go to Brahma and can, if they so desire, return, embody, reincarnate, to carry out the Great Work of the Father.
  2. Those who have not dissolved the ego, the self, the me, myself, go, after death, along the path of smoke, of the dark lunar fortnight and the southern solstice, reaching the Lunar sphere and are then reborn, return, reembody in this painful vale of Samsara.
Is Reincarnation True
Is Reincarnation True?

The doctrine of the great Avatar Krishna teaches that only the Gods, Demi-Gods, Divine Sovereigns, Titans, and Devas reincarnate.

To “return” is something very different: unquestionably, it is the return of the Kalpas, Yugas, Mahamanvantaras, Maha-Pralayas, etc.

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The Law of Eternal Return of all things is always combined with the Law of Recurrence.

The egos return incessantly to repeat dramas, scenes, and events, here and now. The past is projected towards the future through the passage of the present.

The word reincarnation is most demanding; it must not be used carelessly: No one would be able to reincarnate without first having eliminated the ego, without truly possessing sacred Individuality.

Incarnation is a very venerable word, signifying in fact the reembodiment of the Divine in a man.

Reincarnation is the repetition of such a cosmic event, a new manifestation of the Divine…

We are in no way exaggerating concepts by emphasizing the transcendental idea that reincarnation is only possible for “Golden Embryos,” which have achieved the glorious union with the Super-Soul in any cycle of manifestation.

It would be absurd to confuse reincarnation with return. We would be making the worst kind of mistake to attest that the ego, legion of dark, sinister, twisted “I’s,” can reincarnate.

The Truth About Reincarnation

Is Reincarnation True?
Is Reincarnation True?

A man is what his life; if a man does not work his own life he is wasting time miserably. Only by eliminating the undesirable elements that we carry within ourselves we can make our life a real piece of work, with the possibility of repeating it again in the scenario of a new existence. Many schools of pseudo-esoteric type and pseudo-occultists preach the theory of eternal successive lives; this concept is wrong. Life is a movie; once the projection is completed we wind the film in its reel and take it to eternity.

Re-entry exists, return exists; to return to this world, we project on the carpet of existence the same film, the same life. We can establish the thesis of successive existences; but not of successive lives, because the film is the same. The human being has a three per cent of free essence and ninety-seven per cent of essence bottled among the Selves. Upon returning, the three per cent of free Essence is totally impregnated in the fertilized egg; unquestionably, we continue to be in the seed of our descendants.

Personality is different; there is no tomorrow for the personality of the deceased; it is slowly dissolving in the pantheon or cemetery. In the newborn we only find the small percentage of free Essence; this gives the child self-awareness and inner beauty.

The various Selves returning revolve around the newborn child, they freely come and go everywhere, wanting to get into the organic machine, but this is not possible while a new personality is not yet created.

It is good to know that the personality is energetic, and that it is formed through experiences over time.

It is written that the personality is created during the first seven years of childhood, and that subsequently it is strengthened and fortified by all of the experiences of everyday life.

The “I’s” start to intervene in the organic machine little by little as the new personality is created.

Death is a subtraction of fractions. Once the mathematical operation is terminated, the only things which continue are values, in other words, “I’s” which are good or bad, useful or useless, positive or negative.

Values in astral light attract and repel one another according to the Laws of Universal Magnetization.

We are mathematical points in space which serve as vehicles for predetermined sums of values.

These values which serve as a basis for the Law of Recurrence are always found within our human personality.

Everything happens just as it happened before with the addition of the results or consequences of our former actions.

Since many “I’s” from former lives exist within each one of us, we can emphatically assert that each of them is a different person.

This leads us to understand that within each of us lives a myriad of people, each with distinct commitments.

Within the personality of a thief exists a true den of thieves; within the personality of a murderer exists a gang of murderers; within the personality of a womanizer exists a bawdy house of lechers; within the personality of any prostitute exists a brothel, etc.

Every one of these people that we carry within our own personality has his or her own problems and commitments.

People living within people, persons living within persons, this is irrefutable, indisputable.

Gravest of all is that each of these persons, or selves, which live within us, comes from former existences and has set commitments.

The “I” that had a love affair at the age of thirty in a past existence will wait until that age in a new existence in order to manifest itself. When the moment arrives it will search for its dream lover and will telepathically contact the loved one. Finally the reencounter and reenactment of the scene will take place.

The “I” that at the age of forty was involved in litigation over property will wait in a new existence until that age in order to repeat the same course of action.

The “I” that at the age of twenty-five fought another man in a bar or pub will wait until that age in the new existence in order to seek out his adversary and repeat the tragedy.

The “I’s” of one subject seek out those of another through telepathy, then reunite to mechanically repeat the same things.

This is actually the mechanism of the Law of Recurrence. This is the tragedy of life. Over millions of years, diverse characters reunite to relive the same dramas, comedies, and tragedies. A human person is no more than a machine at the service of those selves with so many commitments. Worst of all, the commitments of these people within us are fulfilled without our prior knowledge or understanding.

In this sense, our human personality resembles a carriage being dragged along by many horses. There are lives of the most precise repetition, existences which recur without any modification. Life’s comedies, dramas, and tragedies could never be repeated on the screen of existence if there were no actors. The players in all of these scenes are the selves we carry within and which come from past existences.

If we disintegrate the “I’s” of anger, the tragic scenes of violence will inevitably come to an end. If we reduce the secret agents of greed to cosmic dust, problems stemming from them will stop completely. If we annihilate the “I’s” of lust, scenes of prostitution and sexual perversion will end. If we reduce the hidden characters of envy to ashes, related events will radically terminate.

If we slay the “I’s” of pride, vanity, conceit, and self-importance, the ridiculous scenes arising from these defects will draw to a close due to a lack of actors.

If we eliminate the factors of laziness, inertia, and negligence from our psyche, the horrifying scenes brought about by these types of defects will not be able to be repeated due to an absence of actors.

Feasting, drunkenness, etc., will come to an end for want of participants, if we pulverize the disgusting “I’s” of voraciousness and gluttony.

Since these multiple selves are unfortunately processed at different levels of the Being, it becomes necessary to recognize their causes, their origins and the Christic procedures which will finally lead us to the death of the me, myself and to ultimate liberation.

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