Reincarnation Proof: 6 Real Evidences of Reincarnation

Reincarnation proof

Reincarnation Proof: 6 Real Evidences of Reincarnation. 

Reincarnation is the belief that besides a material body, we have also an immaterial part (soul, mind, consciousness, energy) and that in the death of our physical body, the immaterial part returns to “embody” in a different body. Here are some famous cases of people who claim to remember past lives clearly, and serve as reincarnation proof to the world.

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5. Gus Ortega – Colorado, United States.

Reincarnation proof. Gus Ortega
Reincarnation proof. Gus Ortega

Gus Ortega claims to have existed in another life as his own grandfather.

He began to talk when he was just 18 months and made a lot of very specific statements. This is one of the most compelling cases of reincarnation that is being investigated by Jim Tucker, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia.

Gus claims being his grandfather Augie, who died in 1993 due to a stroke. The man owned a shop where he sold everything, deeply loved his family, but never got to know his grandson Gus, who was born a year after his departure. Only a year and a half old, Gus said to his father while he was changing his diaper, “When I was your age, I used to change your diapers.” Obviously, the man was perplexed.

One day, his father found old photos of the house and showed them to Gus. What happened next was something truly extraordinary: his son pointed to one of the people portrayed in the photographs and said, “Oh … that’s me!”. How did he know? The proof of reincarnation is that Gus recalled episodes from the life of his grandfather, which his father barely remembered.

4. Ian Hagedorn – Florida, United States.

Reincarnation proof. Ian Hagedorn
Reincarnation proof. Ian Hagedorn

Another reincarnation proof is the case of Ian Hagedorn, a 6-year resident in Pensacola, son of Maria Hagedorn. He claims to have been a New York police who was shot dead. His memories tell that one night he went into a shop where criminals killed him with gunfire. This policeman was supposedly the father of his mother. And here comes the interesting part and proof of reincarnation…

Besides having memories of his own grandfather, Ian suffers a heart condition that causes fainting when he gets stressed. This is because of problems in a pulmonary artery that has not been fully developed on his left side. The curious thing? His grandfather died from a shot that broke the same pulmonary artery.

One day Ian’s mother, Mary, told him that if he kept misbehaving she was going to hit him. Ian was just three years old. At that time the boy said, “When you were small and I was your father, you got into many problems and I never hit you.” From that moment Ian’s life changed , and his mother and began to research the possibility that he really is the reincarnation of his own father. Let’s see more evidence of reincarnation in other parts of the world.

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3. Dilukshi Nissanka – Sri Lanka.

Reincarnation proof. Dilukshi Nissanka
Reincarnation proof. Dilukshi Nissanka

Sri Lanka is a country where most of the population practices the Buddhist philosophy and many proofs of reincarnation have originated here. Dilukshi Nissanka’s certainly is one of the most fantastic. It was studied by Professor Erlendur Haraldsson, from the University of Iceland.

Dilukshi spoke of a past life for 3 years where she insisted and repeated the same story endlessly. She surprised her parents when she revealed that she was not their daughter, but had parents elsewhere and had died in a place near Dambulla, about six hours of travel, where there was a river, in which she fell from a bridge while crossing.

A reporter heard the story and her case was published in the newspaper. Soon, the family received a letter from a man named Ranatunga, who acknowledged Diluskshi history as his dead daughter.

The Nissankas made a trip of 6 hours to Dambulla to meet this family. Along the way, Diluskshi recognized the place and led the motorist to the house where his former family was dwelling. It was a really interesting meeting and Diluskshi seemed much more at ease with this family.

Shiromi, the daughter of Ranatunga, was 6 when drowned after falling from a bridge. As reincarnation proof, 12 of the 20 statements given by Diluskshi fitted perfectly and were quite specific.

2. Cameron Macaulay – Scotland.

Reincarnation Evidence Cameron Macaulay
Reincarnation Evidence Cameron Macaulay

Like any average child of six years old, little Cameron Macaulay enjoyed drawing a lot. One of his favorites things to draw was a house with one floor, white façade and located in a bay. When his mother asked him what was the house, Cameron’s response made a shiver run down her spine.

The boy replied that this was his house, where he lived with his old mother in a region located in Barra, an island of Scotland, a distance of approximately 260 km of his current residence. Cameron was convinced that he had a past life, and seemed very worried that his old family would miss him.

After the initial shock, his mother recalled that since Cameron learned to talk, he used to describe children’s adventures in that island. But from the moment he began to relate details of the house where these adventures took place, many other memories began to surface. Cameron described his old family, brothers and sisters, even he came to tell how his old father had died.

It did not take long for a team of researchers, among whom was Jim B. Tucker, to give the child an invitation to go to Barra to find his old home. When he received the proposal to prove his reincarnation, Cameron’s mother was frightened, because her family rejected the idea past lives. But the child was so happy he could not help but jumping of joy.

When the plane landed on Cockleshell Bay, Cameron asked his mother: “Is my face shining?” – And the mother said. – “Why do you ask me that?” – Cameron said. – “Because I’m very happy”. From the plane window he pointed to the beach and said, “Now do you believe me?”. And when he finally got off the plane, he raised his hands to the sky and shouted: “I’m back!”.

1. James Leininger – United States

Reincarnation Evidence James Leininger
Reincarnation Evidence James Leininger

Another human reincarnation proof. James Leininger was a boy who liked to play with only one thing: aircrafts and aircrafts only. He rejected any other toys that parents Andrea and Bruce gave him, he just wanted aircrafts.

When he was two years old, everything changed. The child began to have nightmares related to aviation wars. His mother used to wake him while he was shouting things like “burning plane; man can’t get out.”

James also came to tell his father that he had taken off from a ship called the Natoma, and had flown several times with someone named Jack Larson. After an investigation, Bruce’s father, James, found that the Natoma and Jack Larson actually existed. The Natoma Bay was a small aircraft carrier in the Pacific, and Larson lived in Arkansas.

His father became obsessed with finding more evidence of reincarnation and found that the only pilot of the squadron killed at Iwo Jima was James M. Huston Jr. He was 21, died on March 3, 1945. Then he started to believe that her son was the reincarnation of Huston and he had returned because he had something to finish. The Leininger couple decided to write a letter to Huston’s sister, Anne Barron call, telling the story of their son. And after facing so many details, that somehow the child knew, she also started to believe.

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Despite the skeptics, this has been considered the most documented proof of reincarnation, it was deeply studied and resulted in a book called Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot, written by parents Bruce Leininger and Andrea Scoggin Leininger in collaboration with the novelist Ken Gross.

Is there life after death? Or better yet, can we go back beyond and live another life?
Two thirds of the world population, people of very different religions, think so.
Is there scientific evidence of past lives?

More Reincarnation Proof

Dr. Ian Stevenson

Born in Montreal, Canada, on October 31, 1918, Dr. Ian Stevenson has collected probably the best known collection of scientific data, and is the most respected, to provide scientific proof that reincarnation is real.

Reincarnation, well understood, would be the process by which the human being is reborn, his soul, spirit or consciousness come back to reincarnate.

The line of scientific research of Dr. Ian Stevenson about reincarnation is becoming recognized since 1958, when he won the American Society Award for Psychical Research in paranormal mental phenomena and their relationship with life after death, with his essay “The Evidence for Survival from Claimed Memories of Former Incarnations.”

Following this, Dr. Stevenson devoted his life to follow, collect and analyze cases of young children who astonished his parents with precise details of the people they claimed to have been, that is, evidences of reincarnation. Many of these children acknowledged homes and neighborhoods as well as friends and relatives still alive. They recalled events in their previous lives, including violent deaths (this is a feature usually repeated throughout the cases collected). Often their birthmarks resembled scars that corresponded to wounds that caused their deaths.

Further Reincarnation Evidence

Evidence of Reincarnation
Evidence of Reincarnation

In 1966 “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation” was published, dealing with cases of Sri Lanka, India, Ceylon, Brazil and Lebanon; promptly, additional stories were from Turkey, Thailand, Burma, Nigeria and Alaska. Through cooperation of Chester Carlson and the establishment of the Division of Personality Studies at the University of Virginia, a prestigious state university in the United States, Stevenson and his assistants could investigate reported cases of memories of past lives from children around the world, including the US.

The most special feature of Dr. Stevenson research is that their studies are recognized for being scrupulously objective and methodologically impeccable and, that is recognized by the scientific community (at least those scientists who accept Reincarnation Evidences as a valuable research topic).

Dr. Stevenson’s decision to dedicate his life to this type of research came when, focusing on reports of very young children, of what they claimed were their former lives, he concluded that reincarnation was a potential explanation of aspects of the human personality which other theories failed to elucidate. Although a child can not have conscious memories of a previous life, interests, aptitudes and phobias (reflected in behavior) may have been formed by experiences he or she may have forgotten and that do not match any feature of their current environment.

At the end of the sixties, after traveling to India, Dr. Stevenson decided to work only with children. Adults wrote to him, but eventually began to see that most of these cases were useless. One can not control the subconscious influences that most adults are exposed to. It is much easier finding information that a child may have learned, especially when dealing with small villages in Asia.

In this way we can see as clear proof of reincarnation that the children were too young to have absorbed the vast amount of information claimed to remember. In the best cases, there was no way they could be aware of the details describing people who died in remote villages. In most of the cases cited in India it involves long distances (25-50 km) and without contact between the people involved.

The results of the investigation

Proof of reincarnation
Proof of reincarnation

In an interview with “Omni Magazine” in 1988 Dr. Jim Tucker gives us some of the highlights of his research:

Of the more than 3,000 cases collected worldwide, 1,100 cases were entered into a database on a computer and analyzed through 200 variables.
Children that recalled previous lives typically did so at a very early age, usually between 2 and 4 years old, with an average of 35 months old.
Most children stop mentioning their memories of past lives at about 6 or 7 years of age, with an average of 72 months old.
Usually they just continue their ordinary lives and may even deny memories of past lives when asked directly.
75% of children recalled how they died. Of these, 70% had an unnatural death by drowning, or intentional violent deaths as suicides or murders or non-intentional deaths as accidents.
Only 57% of cases of natural death could remember specific details about their death.

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A relationship between the causes that led to the death in the previous life and the presence of phobias in the present life was also found; 47 cases of children described a previous life that had ended in drowning, 30 of them (64%) had a phobia of being immersed in water.
Additional cases involving birthmarks that match the wounds of death of a previous person or special mark made in the body by family members in the death of the previous persona are presented. A third of the cases in India include birthmarks or birth defects that seem to correspond with wounds on the bodies of previous figures, with 18% of them having medical records confirming the description.
The average time between the death of the previous person and the current living child is about 15 to 16 months.
Another interesting point is the reference to the memories in the time gap between incarnations. Of the 1,100 cases, 69 subjects had memory of a funeral or the handling of the remains of the previous person. 25 cases were confirmed to be true and real reincarnation proof. 112 cases presented memories of being in another plane, with some reporting encounters with “God” or a deceased relative; 45 cases of conception or being reborn occurred.
The way children report their memories of past lives is often casual, spontaneously bringing up the subject in relaxed conversation, like bath time, drawing, while traveling or after observing something that triggers a specific memory.
Of the 34 cases where gender was the opposite of past life, 62% (21 cases) showed a behavior that was appropriate for the opposite sex. However, many of the subjects in these cases eventually matched their gender identity of their present life. Dr. Stevenson claims that the fact that a person can recognize gender change between one life and another can shed light to find one of the origins of homosexuality or gender confusion, an issue that has not yet been explained by modern science.

Some unusual behaviors include food preferences and alcohol. Of the 1,100 cases, 34 showed an unusual preference for alcohol or tobacco that was consistent with their past life.
In the cases investigated, there are cases of children who show atypical games, much like the so-called “post-traumatic play” seen where children suffering from a traumatic event. Of a specific sample of 278 cases of children who claim to remember past lives, 66 children showed a style of play that was unusual in their families and did not have a “normal” pattern or encouragement to it. In 22 cases, the child’s comments were found to correspond to events in the life of the previous person, and the nature of the game often represented aspects of the previous person, as their vocation, hobby or cause of death.


The work of Dr. Ian Stevenson gives a new view on an old theme and incredible proof of reincarnation in several ways.

Reincarnation is a mechanism of nature and, as such, susceptible of being studied by science, rather than a matter of beliefs or opinions. If the conclusions of these studies are true, this means all human beings are born again regardless of what our beliefs are.

They will be very interesting contributions that can offer the science to the future, when mankind reconcile Spirituality with Reason, through a sincere search for the truth, with no materialist preconceptions, in all fields of the human being.

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