15 Questions About Reincarnation Answered

Questions about reincarnation
Questions about reincarnation

Questions About Reincarnation. This section contains answers to some frequently asked questions about hypnosis, regression and reincarnation. It was taken from the book of the doctor and psychiatrist Brian Weiss, titled “Mirrors Of Time.” Worries, doubts and fears can prevent some people from fully enjoying or experiencing their past life regressions. This summary of reincarnation questions will help eliminate these potential barriers and allow you to understand some of the phenomena occurring during regression.

Brian Weiss

Brian Weiss graduated from Columbia University, New York, in 1966, with honors. He continued his studies at the School of Medicine of Yale University, where he received his medical degree in 1970. After an internship at the Medical Center of New York University (Bellevue Medical Center), he returned to Yale to complete the residence as a psychiatrist. Following this, he accepted a position at the University of Pittsburgh. Two years later he joined the University of Miami, as head of the Department of Psychopharmacology. There he achieved national renown in the fields of biological psychiatry and drug abuse. After four years he was promoted to the rank of associate professor of Psychiatry and appointed head of the same field at Mount Sinai Hospital in Miami, affiliated to the University. By then he had already published 37 scientific articles in the studies of his specialty.

Questions about reincarnation
Questions about reincarnation

His odyssey began in 1980, when he met Catherine, a patient who first made him dive into past lives during their hypnotic regressions. He then discovered that a person can learn to heal traumatic events using previous lives. His books about reincarnation have been translated into more than 35 languages, covering the subject of hypnotic regression, as well as the impact of experiences accumulated in previous incarnations in current life. Importantly, his contribution to hundreds of thousands of patients through these books, answer many questions about reincarnation and, as indicated by many critics, make us think about the meaning of life.

He has given many presentations and lectures throughout the United States and the world. His work appeared on American television, among which we can mention the Oprah Winfrey Show Joan Rivers, the Sally Jessy Raphael show, the 20/20 Show, Larry King Live on CNN and a Real Story special on CNBC.

He is currently conducting experiential workshops and trainings around the world to teach professional therapists techniques of hypnosis, past life regression and reincarnation questions, which he has used throughout his life to help thousands of patients with amazing results. Read also: What is Reincarnation?

Frequently Asked Questions about Reincarnation and Hypnosis

1. Regression exercises always bring back memories of past lives? Is this the only way to access those memories?

Undoubtedly, the regression exercises allow access to memories of past lives. However, many other relaxation and meditation techniques also help to relive those experiences.

We also remember past lives during sleep, when we have a feeling of deja vu, either in a spontaneous way (as happens to many children) or in many other ways. For example, my first memory of a past life did not take place during regression or hypnosis therapy, but as a result of a state of relaxation achieved during a session of shiatsu (acupressure). Suddenly, I found myself in a very vivid scene, where I was a priest in ancient Babylon. I must say, for those who are discouraged for not remembering past lives the first time trying it, before experiencing my first regression there were three months during which I meditated daily. Therefore, the more you practice, the more prepared and receptive you will be to those experiences.

Note that you may not remember any past life. You may also remember a childhood experience that constitutes the source of your current problems. The subconscious is wise and will transport you to the right place for healing to be done.

2. Does conducting regression exercises alone involve any dangers?

Reincarnation questions
Reincarnation questions

Thousands of patients, readers and goers to my workshops have completed these exercises without experiencing any problems. The subconscious protects us, in a very effective way, from feelings and experiences that may cause us suffering. Therefore, no experience too traumatic will enter your consciousness. If at any time during the regression you feel uncomfortable, I advise you to distance yourself from the scene and float above it. From this situation you can witness the events without experiencing any emotion.

You can also open your eyes and end the experience. This option is always at your fingertips. The only danger is to perform exercises while driving or operating machinery that requires your full attention.

3. Is it necessary to reach a deep level of concentration and relaxation to relive past lives?

No, even people who only manage to achieve a moderate degree of relaxation and concentration can experience the benefits of this technique.

4. What kind of memories are revived during regression?

I found that, in general, there are two ways of reliving and accessing past life experiences. The first is the classic pattern. In it, the person remembers just one life and can see it in a complete and detailed way. As if it were a movie, most of that life passes in front of you, that is, begins at birth or childhood and continues until death. You may relive the scene of the death in a painless and serene way, and then review and analyze that life with the benefit of your current wisdom or a new spiritual or religious light.

The second way to remember a past life is through what I call “the flow of key moments.” In this case, the subconscious unites the most important events of different lives or those that are related to your hidden trauma and you can heal it quickly and effectively.

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5. If I can only remember brief moments of previous incarnations, will I get any benefits?

It is likely that the memory of those fleeting moments will increase your intuitive perception of your current life and allow you to accept the possibility of the survival of the soul, reincarnation and other similar concepts.

6. How can I know if the experiences I am remembering are real or whether, by contrast, are fantasies or the result of my imagination?

Questions about reincarnation
Questions about reincarnation

Determining if what comes to our mind is a symbol, a metaphor, a true memory, whether it is the result of our imagination or a mixture of all these things is not so important. My advice is to relax and let it happen, without prejudice on your side. If you allow the rational side of your brain to dominate the situation, this may prevent certain memories from appearing and lose a valuable opportunity to evolve. Just live the experience and let your supraconscious wisdom act. Later you can analyze the experiences that you have lived. With practice, you will perceive everything and learn to clearly distinguish between memories and metaphors, symbols and imagination.

Many people try to confirm their memories with evidence. Some found the grave of a former life; or other official records that support the details of their memories. One of the most extraordinary cases of finding evidence is that related to a woman named Jenny Cockell. As a child, she had memories of a past life in Ireland where she died when her children were still young. After reincarnating, as an adult, she decided to seek out those children. She managed to track down five of the eight children she had in that previous life. Confirmation of the memories is also achieved with the intensity of the feelings and symptoms that accompany it. Xenoglossy, the ability to speak fluently a language that one has not studied, is another form of confirmation.

7. Why are images of light, stairs and gardens used during the process of regression?

The image of light and its symbolism is found in all cultures and societies worldwide. During near-death experiences, when consciousness separates from the physical body, often a splendid light appears. Light conveys a sense of peace and is associated to knowledge. Like colors, light is a form of energy. I like to use light and color to induce regression in a deeper way and as a metaphor for opening the mind and sharpening perception.

As for the stairs, slowly going down on them produces deeper concentration and consciousness. The garden symbolizes metaphorically a safe haven or a place where we feel safe and protected from harm. Therefore, when someone feels anxiety or tension, I recommend them to breathe in a profound way, imagine themselves immersed in the light and watch the garden of security and serenity.

8. What if I can not see the symbols during the exercise?

The other senses also count; It doesn’t need to be a visual experience. For example, during the process, many people explain that they can “feel” or “understand” those symbols.

9. How often should the exercises be done?

The more often, the more experiences can be achieved with greater depth. Ideally you should meditate every day, especially since it is healthy for the body and mind enjoying half an hour of relaxation and concentration amid the tumult and stress of daily life. However, if you only occasionally meditate, do not give up and continue doing the exercises without judgment or guilt.

10. Is everyone reincarnated?

Reincarnation happens because we must learn lessons on subjects like love, compassion, charity, nonviolence, peace and patience. It would be very hard to learn all of these things in just one lifetime. If your education is not over, you will be reborn in another life. We can make certain choices, but those will surely be limited. For example, if someone has learned all about love they do not have to come back. But certain highly evolved souls choose to reincarnate on a voluntary basis to help and teach others.

11. Currently, there are more people on Earth than there has ever been. Where do souls come from?

I asked this question to many of my patients and the answer is always the same: Earth is not the only place where souls exist. There are many dimensions and different levels of consciousness where souls live. Why should we think that souls can only exist on this planet? After all, energy is boundless. Earth is just one of the many schools of the Universe. In addition, some patients have told me that souls can divide and have simultaneous experiences.

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12. In “Many Lives, Many Masters”, Catherine recalls a life that occurred in the year 1863 BC. How could she know it was BC, if at that time this concept did not exist?

In “Through Time”, we explain the process of hypnotism in more detail:

Questions about reincarnation
Questions about reincarnation

The conscious mind always knows what one is experiencing while hypnotized. Despite the deep subconscious contact, the mind can comment, criticize and censor. During hypnosis, some people contemplate the past as if they were watching a movie. During hypnosis, the mind is always awake and watching. For this reason, being deeply hypnotized and immersed actively in a sequence of childhood memories or a previous life, we can answer the questions of the therapist, speak the language we use regularly, know the geographical places and even know what year we are in. The hypnotized mind always retains a sense and a knowledge of this to put into context the memories of childhood or previous incarnations. If year 1900 appears and we are building a pyramid in ancient Egypt, we know it’s the year 1900 BC, although we do not see those letters.

13. Is the past life regression therapy counterproductive when using other psychotherapeutic techniques?

Regression therapy is much like traditional psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. When traumatic events emerge, are interpreted and assimilated, an overall clinical improvement occurs. The main difference is that regression therapy broadens the scope. Thus memories do not come only from the present life, but also correspond to previous lives.

14. Do animals have souls? Do they also reincarnate?

I believe that animals have souls. At least, this idea has appeared occasionally in my work. However, I’m not sure that their souls are as individual as our own. They may have more relevance to the group soul. Although I’m not sure that the animals are reincarnated, I am open to this possibility. Often, people who have been on the “other side” state that they have felt their beloved pet or other animal. Nor do I have the certainty that people are reincarnated in animals or plants. Perhaps they do, but memory of those states is usually not retained.

15. Is it possible to travel to future lives?

It is possible to move forward, and some people do it spontaneously, but I do not seek that temporary space for several reasons. First, because apparently there are possible futures and probable futures, and alterations may occur when visiting these states. Besides, maybe we would make decisions that we should not make. Undoubtedly, a high degree of maturity is required to travel to the future.

In my opinion, both fate and free will exist and interact with each other. When we make a choice, the future changes and the possible and probable future are also modified. But while it is true that we learn thanks to free will, we can not rule out the role that fate plays in our lives.

Bonus question: Is the narration of a past life told by a psychic as valuable as the personal experience of a regression?

Although the information provided by a psychic is interesting and sometimes instructive, in general, it does not help with the patient’s symptoms. To solve our problems we must personally relive the memories and emotions that accompany it. The personal experience of memory through regression is much richer, deeper and direct. It also contains certain a sense of déjà vu that a simple reading of a psychic can never provide.

This concludes our article on questions about reincarnation. Keep reading this website to learn more about reincarnation and past lives.

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