Post Your Reincarnation Story

Post your reincarnation story below. If you remember your past life and have a story to tell, share it with other people to find out more about who you were.

2 thoughts on “Post Your Reincarnation Story

  • June 8, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    Some time ago I dreamed that I was a soldier in World War II. The dream was very, very clear, more than ten years have passed and I can perfectly remember that man of my dream who was me. Is this a reminder of a previous life?
    Long ago I wanted to undergo a hypnotic regression, but I’m scared.

  • June 8, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    Who was I in my past life?

    I was a weak and trampled girl that the others damaged, someone without enough strength to say “enough,” someone who suffered, someone undervalued.

    Nobody took me into account, they bothered me and they hurt me. That caused me to cut myself, to self-injure myself to heal the pain.

    They told me things that I was beginning to believe.

    Many times I try to commit suicide, it hurts me, but I understood that I should not do it, they who criticized me, insulted me, mistreated.

    They were not everything.

    There were more people willing to help me, to love me and I realized that emotional damage is not repaired with physical damage

    Who was I in my past life?

    A person who, in the eyes of those who fail to understand, was wrong in the head, not sane and silly. But the truth is that they are the culprits.

    I was suicidal and I do not regret it, because if I repented, I would not be who I am.

    Someone strong and capable of saying “enough” to make me appreciate and defend myself.

    If you are reading this girl or boy from the future and if you are like me.

    Go ahead, believe in what you are reading and do not give up.


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